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This has been marked as an vBulletin ticket, is it still related to Xenforo?

The logo path needs to be changed in your AdminCP:

Appearance > Styles > Dragonbyte Mmo > Style Properties > Header & Navigation >

Change the path from:

styles/dbt_mmo/custom/logo.png (all lowercase)

Also how do I set it so they can start a conversation directly like this 3971b944a8733c42d59c2bd6a3b39185.png and how do I make it show the latest posts and topic/threads in each category b246b167de46890e74877eeb205f73dd.png.

And finally how do I set the Favicon?
You can edit the fav-icon by going to styles/dbt_mmo/xenforo in your forum directory. You will see favicon.ico file and you only need to replace that image to update the favicon.

how do I make it show the latest posts and topic/threads in each category:
By default you can't (as far as i know), you will need to edit the template directly to support this. Depending on system restrictions it may not even be possible (without a developer).

This is a rather large modification so i can't provide support for that, you will need to contract me at an hourly rate to apply this modification to your site. Applying this modification means you can no longer instantly apply theme updates to your site. As the updates will overwrite this custom modification, as it isn't part of the default theme. as a result they will need to be re-applied during each theme update you wish to apply to your site

Also how do I set it so they can start a conversation directly like this
You're going to need to give me a lot more context to this question, which areas do you want users to be able to start a conversation with another user?

This also may be outside of what i can do, as the conversation buttons are linked to the user account (based on client ID). So i may not be able to assist with this.

Alright thank you. I have a couple more questions if thats alright.
Firstly how do i widen the bars and everything so you can see less of the background on the sides.
Secondly how do i widen just the forum bars, nodes ect so they are closer to the side bar 29637c988c6190650a00952b9bb3a096.png
Sidebar Gap:
It seems your theme doesn't have the default values on them, so the only thing i can do is tell you which value to edit so it doesn't cause conflicts.

AdminCP > Appearance > Styles > Dragonbyte mmo > Templates > sidebar.css

		margin-right: 291px;
Change the value to what suits better in your case.

Width Control:

The width is controlled by Xenforo settings (by default), you simply need to edit those settings.

Appearance > Styles > Dragonbyte MMO > Style Property > General > Page Width Controller

Then modify the max-width or simply remove it, to keep it a fluid theme.

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