1. S

    Question I need help changing a title

    Hello, I'm contacting you about a plugin I bought from here , namely DragonByte Credits. I installed this addon and made it appear in the forum menu I own and I would like to change the title, but I cannot do anything from the Xenforo settings so all is from the source code of the plugin. As you...
  2. D

    Feature Request Need mailto links to work from the forum ads product

    I have some advertisers that just want (or need) a mailto link instead of a http link. This currently doesn't work in the forum ads product. Really it should support that kind of link so I am requesting it.
  3. D

    Bug Mailto links as a banner link doesn't work, manual ad images get broken

    Some of my advertisers will want as an option to have their banners send the user to their email using a mailto link, not a http link. I've tried doing this using the dbtech forum ad system, but it doesn't work and sends the users back to the homepage as it automatically generates a new window...
  4. K

    Question Automatically Converting Currency (or Allowing Decimal Values)

    Looking at the add-on, I feel like this should be possible, but I haven't figured out how to, yet. A use-case scenario: user posts an article in a designated forum, I want to be able to give currency by the word count. I can do that without issue (this add-on is pretty great). However, I want...
  5. R

    Question vb downloads slow download speeds

    Hi, I run an intranet website with vbulletin and vbdownloads to distrbute internal software. How come I only get download speed 150-300 kb/s from files in vbdownloads but get 2.5 to 3.0 MB/s when im downloading files attached in forum threads. Everyone is experiencing the same issue from the site.
  6. M

    Question Can it be used to access hidden parts of forum

    Is it possible for this to be used for members to earn so many credits before seeing parts of my forum
  7. O

    Question Possible to show on one page only?

    Is it possible to show the chat only on one page of a forum? For example on a "Shout" page? And if so, how would I go about doing it?
  8. R

    I am looking for a product Compulsory presentation

    I am looking for a Compulsory presentation product You can delete that post
  9. N

    Question How can i change the ikon for the buttons

    Hi I have your mod in my forum and I am using button thanks. Sometimes we have sad posts in the forum, like someone famous died and we share the news. What happens is people thanks for sharing this news, but on the button we have emoji with a big smile...
  10. I

    Bug forum tabs and php 7.1.5

    hello just trying to troubleshoot this on the fly for the live upgrade hoping we can make it work and keep php 7.1.5... it might be the only incompatibility if i do those other works on the vps... it is a sort of big one tho on this project... basic enviro is arch/nginx/php7.1.5/maria db10...
  11. K

    SEO Lite Redirecting Forums to Home

    Installed lite to assure it works before purchasing. Home forum loads but whenever I click on a forum it redirects to home page. Please advise.
  12. H

    Feature Request Your Account Subject To A Breach

    First, I wanted to say this is a pretty interesting feature and potentially quite useful. There are a couple of problems I've noticed though: 1. The end user receiving the message doesn't know who "DragonByte Security" is or why they are getting this message. I understand what you're doing and...
  13. H

    Question Dragonbyte Shop and large forums

    I currently have Dragonbyte Shop installed on a VB 4.25 forum. I have to turn it off during peak hours because of the load it places on the forum. During peak hours there are 2 - 3,000 members and 5 - 6,000 guests on the forum. Do you know if this mod has been installed/tested on large, active...
  14. S

    Question Pagination issue

    On the quotes page the page navigation isn't using the same format as the rest of the forum. I'm struggling to even work out where its pulling the data from to change them manually. Any tips on where to change it so I can make it match the forum default settings?
  15. S

    Permissions based on post count

    Hi For a while I have been using the permissions based on post count from but since updating my forum this seems to create an error every now and again... not surprising since it is no longer developed... 1. Is there a current Dragonbyte modification that will allow me to stop new...
  16. ikymbo

    Question how to move my forum from root to new directory

    i have this problem, im trying to move my forum to a new directory, but I can only do this, if I deactivate DragonByte SEO, plz can you guide me? im trying to move: to
  17. D

    Bug DBSeo breaks forum

    We have installed DBSeo on a new forum, running VB 4.2.3. VB's own friendly URLs are set to standard URLs. We are running full https for this site. Site works fine until DBSeo is turned on. With DBSeo turned on, we get this message for every rewritten link: Internal Server Error The server...
  18. I

    Question Emailed urls don't match forum urls

    Hi need help.. was a 3.8.9 forum running vbseo upgraded to 4.2.4 and dbseo importing the vbseo setup i have an issue with the urls being sent out in emails not landing people where it should on the forum eg emailed url in a...
  19. A

    Bug header1 position is not working on the CMS

    Header1 seems to only work on the forum pages. Any idea on what could cause this and how to fix? I will not work on the CMS.
  20. H

    Question Where to place the .htaccess file?

    Hello, i have vbulletin + cms, where the CMS is installed in the root and the forum in the dir / forum. The .htaccess file where I put it? in the root or in the / forum? Thanks for support