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I have a couple questions.

i'd like to purchase this mod if it works like we're hoping. but I'm having some trouble

1. I installed this today, and turned it on. I tested with two different user accounts on two different browsers, and the updates are not happening.

1.a also noticed, the only thing I can see that tells me the mod is functioning is every single thread in every single forum shows 'live' on it. Is that correct?

Also, one very big suggestion. if you're going to include a 'reload' button, if you don't show the user something to indicate it's reloading it will be assumed it's broken.

2. I read a couple threads about double posts showing up. That was actually the reason I researched this, but not so much doubles. My problem is I have been using a similar mod by lance for hire and it not only did doubles, but it wasn't coded very clean, and would actually change the name of the person making the post. So you'd reply to the wrong person, etc. very strange.

Do you have the double problem still? that's not a deal breaker for me. I can live with that as long as it's only duplicated once.

I'm excited about your mod. I have a forum that's not overly busy, but the users are mixed martial arts practioners and very dedicated to the sport. During live events like Bellator, UFC, and others, they dedicate a single thread to the event to keep spoilers off other threads, and there's usuallly between 40 to 50 users on the event thread at the same time, for about 4 hours.

If I can get my issues resolved I'm buying this for sure, if for no other reason, to support your efforts.


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1. Do you not see the "Thread automatically updated every [...]" bar you see here on DBTech in this thread?

1a. See #1 . You can disable that image by disabling the threadbit_display plugin for this mod if you don't like it :)

2. It's possible that some double posts show up, but
a) There's no double posts in the database, it's just a visual issue
b) I've never been able to reliably replicate it so I can't fix it :(

We've had no reports of the wrong person being shown as the poster.
Hmm.. Little confused. My assumption was that only threads that were actively 'live' would show the image. is that not the case? maybe I misread the function. I thought it worked like this:

Someone visits a thread, live thread is triggered once someone replies.

So basically the top few threads would show the live icon, and you could tell what threads people were actively talking in.

Is that not the way it works?

Yes I see the info bar, but again, when you click 'reload' unless you understand AJAX, you would think it's broken. So it's pretty useless and will add to more questions than anything which will force me to turn it off. I'm a little suprised something simple like a spinning circle gif wasn't put in to show it was doing it's thing. but i guess if I can get 'unlazy' i can code that myself.

I changed the image in my forum just to suit my needs, but it's getting squashed. I'm sure it's a css issue because there's attributes assigned in the markup (i'll figure that out). I don't want to turn that off, I like it.


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No, every thread is "Live" (discounting any thread settings) even if no users are in it, it would become live to them once they entered it.
damnit lol. I hadn't set the perms on that file. yup that did it.

I've got a live event this weekend. as long as we all work I'll buy this next week.

ugh, your emails got snagged by gmail to spam. I just saw this.

You're welcome to visit any time! We've had trouble with spammers even with added mods, so if you register and get flagged, contact me. i added the domain to my white list.

My name there is 'iThumper'
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