1. A

    Feature Request New Event for Threads

    Hi, I suggest a New Event... Reward an user when a thread get "x" number of replies (when a thread get popular for replies). Regards,
  2. B

    Bug Notification Links not showing

    Hello, After upgrading to 6.2.18 all notifications in the shoutbox return the below example. The link to the thread/post is not displayed correctly. *{ } used in replace of bbcode bracket for example. I have reinstalled 6.2.18 with a fresh download and problem has not resolved. Thank you.
  3. ikymbo

    Question Duplicate title tags

    How can I solve this problem? these problems started when using DBSEO now my forum is indexing content very slow (2 - 3 weeks every thread) when in the past, each thread indexed in hours! Note: im using DBSEO 2.40 Lite
  4. Mantis

    Feature Request Sticky Thread at Recent Threads Panel

    Sometimes we have threads we want people to see. But sometimes members don't bother reading any notifications at the header of the forum. I imagine many would just hit the "End" key and scroll to the bottom to find the latest threads. It's what I do, anyway. Being able to specify a specific...
  5. bjele

    Question Having a % sign in the thread title is causing errors

    Our forum deals with questions about Microsoft Excel. A fair number of questions are dealing with questions about how to mark cells that are below 80% or not quite 100% or how to calculate a % of the total. We have a lot of historical posts with a % sign in the title and a lot of people who...
  6. D

    Question DBSHop and DBCredit integration

    I have Coins as currency in shop and credit. I also check integration in DBshop currency. But credit I get from event in DBcredit doesn't merge or integrate with DBshop. What did I do wrong? Also, in DBshop there is increasement in post and thread. I set them to be 5 in post and 10 in thread...
  7. V

    Question How to Make vBActivity and vBCredits Play Together

    Hi! I'm trying to make vBActivity and vBCredits work together. vBActivity allows for achievements and awards to be given. vBCredits allows for fine-tuning of how points are assigned - for example you can assign different points for posting threads for each subforum. This seems like a really...
  8. T

    Question VBShop external Links for Icons

    how can i select images uploaded by external websites? i saw a solution few month ago by editing the code but i cannot find the thread. anyone knows a solution for me? i use latest vbshop lite
  9. R

    Store/Credits Help

    I am interested in purchasing the credits and store xenforo add ons but I have an important question before purchasing I want to be able to use the add on to allow members to purchase thread styles to enhance the title/look Like glowing titles, bold, etc Will DragonByte help me configure this...
  10. 1quicksi

    Bug Move Thread gives error

    Found a bug/issue when merging forum threads you get the following error: Trying to move: HostBoard To: The Altec User's Board Free Marketplace ! Gives error: You have not specified a valid URL for the thread that you want to merge. Please check that the URL includes a valid threadid...
  11. H

    Question url problem

    Hi Support, I need some assist, I have installed your plugin vbulletin dbseo the free version. Basically, when I view the thread on main page of the forums (without clicking the thread), it will show the url as (which is good) but...
  12. M

    Feature Request automatic Userlist for AUT

    Hi Folks, i have an Feature Request for AUT :) I see it on the German Motortalk Forum, that i can Tag Users in a Post by Typing the @ Character. Now after the @ The Usernames are shown in the bottom of the Editor. Users in Thread are marked. If the first Character of the Name is behind the @...
  13. C

    Question Display Button Click Count - Threads - more entries

    For each thread (if enabled) there is a block of the button click count for the current thread above the post list. Only top 5 is displayed there (see the print screen attached). How can I increase this number or even make all entries visible . Should I edit some files? Thank you.
  14. S

    Bug Full Guest Cache Does Not Work as Intended?

    Hi. When monitoring my memcached cached objects, i noticed that memcached cache is cleared often. No server error, still lot of available memory. Memcached : 1.4.34 PHP memcache : 3.0.9-dev PHP version : 7.0 UPDATE : After observing further, i noticed this happens only if i chose memcached...
  15. P

    Question How to make the 'Like' to Unlike and Undo the Dislike Click?

    Hi I have installed the Mod Advanced Post Thanks/Like (Lite) version in my forum. I had, by mistake, clicked on the 'Dislike' tab of the thread. But I want to undo it! So how do I undo it so that I can like it again?Please help... Please check the screenshot below...
  16. yeicov10

    Question I need help with url

    Hi I downloaded the DragonByte SEO Lite v2.0.36 free version to test it in my site. I have been configuring it but i don´t like that the the thread url appears with .html It is possible to remove .html using .htaccess? Mi configuration is: Sorry for my english. Thanks for the work.
  17. hakkuo23

    Feature Request Thread Bump Max Date

    We are getting some complaints about users bumping threads that are 3 years old. I'm wondering if we could get an option where I can choose the max time from today that a thread could be bumped. So for example, I make it 6 months. Only threads posted in the last 6 months can be bumped. I...
  18. mikez006

    Question Purchasing items from thread page

    On the "create thread" page we have about 15 items that are purchasable during thread creation. Is there a way to make this area double columns instead of one? 15 items create a long list that someone has to scroll past each time. It would be better if it could be split into 2 columns to...
  19. L

    Bug Global Scores / champs once again not updating

    Once again having the same issue with global scores updating as reported in this thread
  20. G

    Bug Having Trouble with quotes in titles

    We have a few issues that have came up recently. We just switched over from VBSEO (thanks for saving us). I noticed when we post a thread with"" in the titles it creates the thread and the thread exists, but when you enter the forum where the thread is posted the link to the post doesnt work...