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With this add-on, many problems have disappeared. It is a great e commerce add-on. The quick support was definitely my favorite thing. I can recommend it to everyone with peace of mind.
A professional and well developed product, with great support.

The developer is responsive and professional at listening & handling feedback.
Without a doubt this is the best chat for Vbulletin 4. Fast and with all the options that we need.
Thank you very much for the great job DragonByte.
You do receive money when people donate, but there are countless bugs such as and not limited to:

- The monthly donation goal amount not showing.
- The received donations resetting every time someone donations.
- The monthly donation goal time resets at randomly.

I have sent this in as a bug report to the developers but all they offered was to switch this over to a Xenforo license... AFTER I paid $250 for a vBulletin license.

Definitely would not recommend anyone buying this product.
A very good add-on but you forgotten to insert some useful user, like Marketplace for user. I think you should consider to implement it.
Absolutely the MOST full featured, reliably developed and updated, full service e-commerce solution available for XenForo. This product is absolutely amazing, with detailed and in-depth development, by a developer who takes into account this customers and communities input.

If you need an E-Commerce solution for use within XenForo this, out of the box, puts many of the WP solutions to shame - without requiring any third party linking and at a more than fair price point.

Highly recommended!
i love the shop add-on! and best part is, it works together with the credits add-on!

i always purchase shop add-ons with my credits add-on because my users earn lots of credits but how to spend them?? well thats what the shop add-on is for,

i like giving my users the ability to purchase items from the shop, this gives them an incentive to spend their credits and they always come back because they remember they can earn money in my forum

most forums dont have credits on their forum , so mine is fun and special!

thank you for all the hard work dragonbye tech! it must be hard to program this , but u are doing a great job!

happy to be customer here!
i've always added the credits add-on on every forum i've owned, it's so much fun! my users also love the credits add-on, its give them an incentive to do as much things on my forum
i reward them with being able to spend there credits and something withdraw for real money!

dragonbyte's credit add-on is amazing! ive been using it for about a month now, and there is so much options and flexibility, the user OU is great simple,

i love this add-on and say thank you for all the hard work!
customer service here is excellent and happy to spend my money and excited for future upgrades!

hip hip hooray!
Beautiful addition and easy to use, working very nice. That what I need. I hope add more properties in the future.
This is an excellent work done by DragonByte. Every time an open ear for suggestions and very quick reply. I totally recommend this eCommerce add-on.
This add on is clearly on superb level and well built. i suggest buy the lifetime license for the best value for money