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Latest reviews

This is a MUST have add-on, expertly written & executed, for anyone wanting to drive site engagement and activity. Incredibly full featured with tons of options and an easy interface. Great add-on, but so are all of DragonByte's add-ons.. another A++ job.
Our users and myself love this add-on! It allows your community to get a global view for where your users are visiting from and helps to create micro-communities for those who choose to participate. This, like all of DBTech add-ons, is a well written thoroughly supported great community addition!
Love it. I wish it had a battle system fighting others for points instead of just stealing. Really like it a lot.
Works and the set up is pretty easy, the only thing I am concerned about (which is reflected in this rating) is that tweets are sent instantly which means two things:

1. If you have the Covers plugin installed and like that those images embed in social media posts (which look much more professional), you will not have enough time to upload a Cover;

2. Too many tweets per hour means you will eventually ping on Twitter's spam radar, and considering it doesn't look like there is a system in place to circumvent this or account for this compared to other website-to-tweet services, that would get you locked out of your account more than likely.

I'll play around with this a bit more but it doesn't seem like it will be practical for a big(ger) forum like ours which is active throughout the day. If something can be put in place to account for this I would definitely consider a higher rating!
With this add-on, many problems have disappeared. It is a great e commerce add-on. The quick support was definitely my favorite thing. I can recommend it to everyone with peace of mind.