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  • Hi Fillip, just want to say thank you for implementing my latest Sale filter idea for Dragonbyte Ecommerce :). Was super busy for a few days and didn't reply in time, really excited you're adding it!
    You don't have a support forum for eCommerce...
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    Fillip H.
    Fillip H.
    I don't know what you are talking about I totally did not forget to create a subforum for eCommerce... 😅 Thanks!
    That's just it, there is no place to REPLY. There is just a box that says Closed Thread? So am I just to start all over again?

    Btw, could you look at my settings, as I don't seem to be getting indications when you reply to a PM -or- a ticket. As such, I'll try to check it for a day or two then wait awhile as I'm assuming we are in different time zones. I did get a notice this morning at 8:42am, that the ticket had been closed though.

    It looks like the ticket has been closed and classified as Not a bug by the DBTech Bot. Was it over-zealous in it's action, or does my issue still need to be addressed?

    When I looked at the phpMyAdmin LINK in cPanel, it contains a token in the URL. So my guess is, you would have to be logged into my cPanel to use phpMyAdmin to access our database. Anyway, I set you up as a new user with access to our database, but haven't changed our cPanel password just yet.
    For Darkwaltz4's product "vBCredits" is there a way to make the "Adjust" event available for other usergroups through some permissions aside from administrators? Right now it allows who you can apply to, but not who can apply those changes.

    "Donate" event is shown for all usergroups, but "adjust" only for admins.
    hello could you look my p.m. i need to get fast upgrade (without losing seo structure) if you need any help orgo in to rouble let me know. thank you
    I was about to make a thread about the declaration error.

    Glad I always look before posting when it comes to bugs.
    Hi Sir
    Sorry I Bothered You Here
    I Just Installed Ajax Threads And Its Not Working At All
    I Tested Several Version, 1.0.6 1.1.1 Pro 1.1.2 Pro And Lite
    I Installed It Very Carefully And The Messages Are Shown At The Top And Bottom Of Any Topic
    i Want To Know Is There Any Thing That Stop Ajax Threads To Work?
    Or What Should I Do To Make This Program Work
    Vb 4.2.1. Thank You So Much
    I want to remove a swarm of lite versions of DBTech mods that I've tried out via the lite version, but I can't.

    This is the list:

    DBTech - InfoPanels +
    DBTech - AJAX Threads +
    DBTech - Forum Tabs +
    DBTech - Live Feed +
    DBTech - vBActivity +
    DBTech - User Tagging +
    DBTech - Registration +
    DBTech - Custom Nav +
    DBTech -vBNavTabs 4.2 +

    I've decided that I'll buy vBActivity once I scrape together some more cash, but for now I would like full instructions on how to remove these. My hosting site said they couldn't find a means to do so, which is a bit off-putting.
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