1. F

    Bug PHP error with VBulletin 4.2.5 on user settings page for DBTech Post Templates

    When going to settings > Post & PM Templates - when I try to open the page it I get this PHP error: Call to undefined method vB_DataManager::vB_DataManager() on line 36 in public/forum/includes/class_dm_posttemplates.php #0 public/forum/includes/functions.php(196)...
  2. P

    Bug Duplicate Content

    Hello, im from poland, i translate with google translator. since I changed from vbseo to dbseo, my traffic is strongly broken. it has fallen to 70%! google indexes single posts, although it is disabled in the settings. => Page Settings => Include Show Post = OFF. in the robots.txt showpost.php...
  3. 1

    Question Settings for User

    I just installed Forum Live Feed & User Wall. I'm running vb 4.2.4 When I go into Settings for my user and click on the "DBTech - Live Feed Settings, I then see "Settings" and immediately under that is says "Save Changes" "Reset Fields" There is nothing else on this page. How do I correct...
  4. O

    Bug Error When Saving Points Settings

    After a upgrade from vb 4.2.2 to vb 4.2.5 I get this error when trying to save points settings: Call to undefined method vB_DataManager::vB_DataManager() on line 76 in /forum/dbtech/vbactivity/includes/class_dm_type.php #0 /forum/dbtech/vbactivity/includes/class_core.php(373)...
  5. I

    Bug Google Traffic has dropped since update to version 2.0.39.

    Hello, I have been using Dbseo for about 1 year and it all went well. But since I upgraded to the 2.0.39 version, my visitor numbers are dropping very strongly. The Google placement is different, my website is no longer well found. I haven't changed anything in the settings. It's a disaster...
  6. CharlieDelta

    Question Test Mode

    I am either going crazy or there are gremlins running around my site. I just received a Digest Newsletter for my forum and noticed all the styling is back to the default. I begin to investigate and can not find the settings anywhere in my admincp. I look at my templates and see everything...
  7. CharlieDelta

    Bug Settings = Blank Page

    Just updated to the latest version and when I try to review the settings I just get a blank page. I suspect it is because the file structure has changed. Should I delete the old file structure and if so which ones should I delete? BTW - your admin credentials are still active. :)
  8. I

    Question Upgrading from vb3.8 to vb 4.2

    In the process of upgrading from vb3.8.11 to vb 4.2.3 if I export / backup the settings from the 3.8 install will I be able to restore the settings into the 4.2.3 install and keep all the urls etc that are already in google etc or do I have to rewrite them some how? TIA
  9. 4

    Question Add Likes/Thanks Ability To New Usergroup

    After creating a new usergroup, the members of that new usergroup are not able to like/thank yet, the link is not visible in threads and posts. I've searched in usergroup settings, forum permissions, VB portal likes/thanks settings, DBSEO admin portal and am not lucky yet. Also cleared VB &...
  10. hilaryl

    Question Hide 'Activity' settings in User Control Panel Menu

    There is an 'Activity' section in the User CP Menu (under 'My Settings'). For a normal user, none of these options are available because of permissions - so I'd like it if they didn't appear at all. Is this possible? I've attached a screenshot of what I am talking about. I've had a look...
  11. O

    Bug Doesn't Remove User After Expiry [Secondary Usergroup] & Item Settings Not Saving

    If an item puts a user into a secondary user group, after expiry the item does not remove the user from said secondary group, item in inventory shows the time as expired already [past] but user is still a part of the usergroup. Additionally, when I go to item settings, and change "Automatically...
  12. I

    Question possible to turn off require/disable options?

    hello...just curious is it possible to turn off those misc post options somehow? cant seem to find the settings... thanks
  13. G

    Bug Item Display Bug

    Hi All I recently added the vbTech Shop plugin to my forum. The installation went fine, I added a shop, category and a few items. When I check the shop it displays the message "There are no items in the shop." I double checked the settings, permissions for the shop, categories and items with...
  14. M

    Bug Non Latin Characters broken after update from DBSEO 2.0.29 to 2.0.3x

    Hi, i have an Problem with the rewrite. at DBSEO Vers. 2.0.29 any Link with non Latin Characters are shown like this. domain/tuv-forum/ After Update to DBSEO 2.0.3x (30 and 31) the url is this domain/t-v-forum/ i have no one changed in the Settings after upgrade. The Settings are Filter...
  15. R

    Question Upgraded from 2.0.27 to 2.0.31 ran into visual issues

    I applied the upgrade from 2.0.27 to 2.0.31, I had upgraded to 2.0.29 in the past but ran into visual issues so revered back to 2.0.27. It appears the page is malformed like its trying to get images from an incorrect URL. It all worked perfect in 2.0.27. As the forum is in use, instead of...
  16. Zambfd

    Bug Bug: homeurl instead of bburl for relative paths? why?

    Hi, yesterday i upgraded your SEO Addon to the latest version. After that i realised that all realtive links in the forum (like top navigation, quicklinks to posts e.g.) are redirected to our www-Site instead the forum subdomain. Thats because you are NOW using the homeurl instead the bburl...
  17. Belazor

    DragonByte Newsletter v1.1.1 Released

    Hey all, We're releasing DragonByte Newsletter v1.1.1 in order to implement changes requested by the community. If you like the product you can show your support by nominating it for mod of the month here: DragonByte Newsletter v1 (vB4) - Forum, and also please rate it to help...
  18. CharlieDelta

    Bug Newsletter Not Sending & Seem to be Missing Settings

    Newsletters are not being sent out even when manually running the schedule task. It out puts 0 newsletters sent. When I run the test it displays several threads in test. I also seem to be missing several settings in the AdminCP.
  19. K

    Question Limit Number of Emails sent at one time?

    How do I limit the number of emails sent at one time? The default seems to be 500 but I don't see anywhere in the vbmail settings to change that. I changed the settings in vb itself for under email options but that didn't have an effect on vbmail so it must be getting its 500 default from...
  20. Mokonzi

    DragonByte Classifieds v2.0.0 Closed Beta 2 Released!

    Hi everyone, Today we're releasing the Closed Beta 2 for DragonByte Classifieds Version 2. This update begins introducing some new options we have planned for PayPal, including the ability to require sellers to pay their Insertion fees for a Listing before it can be approved to be displayed...