1. scottkoz20

    Question Configuration issues

    I'm using a Free version of the platform to see how this can benefit my site before making the decision to go full. However, whenever I enable the platform on my site, I am getting 404 errors to any thread (even with Forum URL's rewrite turned off) I have used the Readme file included I think...
  2. Actualidad tma

    Does DBSEO 1 year license includes security updates after license expire?

    Hi! I'm interested in buying DbSeo, but I'd like to know if I buy one year license I will have security updates even if the license is already expired. Thanks!
  3. L

    Question How to print dbseo friendly url's to other parts of a page?

    Hi, so DBSEO works fine overall for several months, still trying to figure out how to print the SEO-friendly URL to a page/script. --So the URL in the navbar is example.com/f12/nice-nice-nice-123 now if I add this testing scripts, it shows the original, example.com/showthread.php?t=123 instead...
  4. A

    Question Not loading the site by placing the .htaccess code

    HI By placing the following code in the site file .htaccess will not be loaded : <IfModule mod_rewrite.c> RewriteEngine On # If you are having problems or are using VirtualDocumentRoot, uncomment this line and set it to your vBulletin directory. # RewriteBase / # If you are having problems...
  5. P

    Bug I found a bug in DBSEO.

    hello, I am again I found a bug in DBSEO. if you click on "preview post" and then click on the header image or home button, a white page will appear. it is a false url, see screenshot number 3. This is also the case with PMs Screen: https://i.imgur.com/phfuWrr.png Regards
  6. P

    Bug Duplicate Content

    Hello, im from poland, i translate with google translator. since I changed from vbseo to dbseo, my traffic is strongly broken. it has fallen to 70%! google indexes single posts, although it is disabled in the settings. => Page Settings => Include Show Post = OFF. in the robots.txt showpost.php...
  7. ikymbo

    Question Duplicate title tags

    How can I solve this problem? these problems started when using DBSEO now my forum is indexing content very slow (2 - 3 weeks every thread) when in the past, each thread indexed in hours! Note: im using DBSEO 2.40 Lite
  8. lch8

    Question What happens to dbseo-ed links when I disable or uninstall dbseo?

    I am having a lot of issues with my site, which includes a forum and a non-forum side. The server is being overloaded with connections and my systems guy thinks it has to do with dbseo. He wants me to disable the mod to see if it fixes the problem. At this point, I need our site up and...
  9. R

    Question Is vbshout and dbseo working under SSL

    I want to add SSL certificate to my website and i want to know if your product vbshout and dbseo are working under SSL (https)
  10. X

    Question redirects partially work

    Hi, I have the vb suite installed at: mysite.com/forum. The following urls redirect correctly to the HTTPS:// versions: www.mysite.com/ mysite.com/ mysite.com/forum/forum.php However: www.mysite.com/forum/forum.php does not redirect to HTTPS:// In my htaccess (located in...
  11. D

    Bug DBSeo breaks forum

    We have installed DBSeo on a new forum, running VB 4.2.3. VB's own friendly URLs are set to standard URLs. We are running full https for this site. Site works fine until DBSeo is turned on. With DBSeo turned on, we get this message for every rewritten link: Internal Server Error The server...
  12. R

    Question DBSeo Appears to insert /cotent.php into URL's

    DBSeo Appears to insert /content.php into URL's Upgraded to V2.0.38, and some includes for resources seem to have a malformed URL. for example. Solent Renegades/content.php/css.php?styleid=1&langid=1&d=1436807998&td=ltr&sheet=sidebar.css,widgets.css,tagcloud.css Somehow /content.php got...
  13. R

    Bug Possible Admin CP / Mod CP / DBSEO CP exploit attempt!

    I bought this today for a client and when trying to access the cpanel I get Possible Admin CP / Mod CP / DBSEO CP exploit attempt!.. I need to fix this asap because I am doing an import from vbseo.. Thanks
  14. 4

    Question Add Likes/Thanks Ability To New Usergroup

    After creating a new usergroup, the members of that new usergroup are not able to like/thank yet, the link is not visible in threads and posts. I've searched in usergroup settings, forum permissions, VB portal likes/thanks settings, DBSEO admin portal and am not lucky yet. Also cleared VB &...
  15. Actualidad tma

    Moving from vbseo to dbseo

    Hi, I would like to change my old vbseo to dbseo for some reasons, but the main reason is security, because is a out-of-date product and it is not safe at all. However, I have some question. 1.- Urls will be the same? Will I have broken links? 2.- Will server load get increased? 3.- Does it...
  16. D

    Bug Double instances of Google Analytics when GA enabled in VBSEO?

    I noticed we had two google analytics codes appearing. After some backtracking, I narrowed it down to the GA side of DBSEO. WHen I turn it off both sets of analytics go away. Any ideas why this might happen?
  17. cionfs

    DBSeo for XenForo

    Hi, I'm considering switching from vBulletin 4 to XenForo. Have you been considering for a release of DBSeo for XenForo? Regards
  18. S

    Question Persian user link issues

    Hi, I'm testing DBSEO 2.0.36 on my localhost and I registered a user with Persian characters (like سعید) And all of the required DBSEO options have been met, since thread URLs are lunched, but my problem is in user profile link The default user link structure is local/vb/members/[user_name]...
  19. R

    Bug DBSEO Cpanel Keeps Refreshing

    My dbseo cpanel keeps refreshing. I do have cloudflare but I disabled it and cleared the cache and it is still doing the same thing. I just bought the latest update thinking this would fix it but it hasn't. I have not changed my htaccess or anything in a very long time so that is not the...
  20. S

    vBSEO Version 3.3 to DBSEO

    My old VB3 site was running vBSEO version 3.3 still, that site is now gone and upgraded to version 4 of VB and I simultaneously removed vBSEO. I still have my old site running locally on a VM and I wasn't aware of DBSEO until recently but I notice that a config.xml file is required. Version...