Question What happens to dbseo-ed links when I disable or uninstall dbseo?

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I am having a lot of issues with my site, which includes a forum and a non-forum side. The server is being overloaded with connections and my systems guy thinks it has to do with dbseo. He wants me to disable the mod to see if it fixes the problem. At this point, I need our site up and running before we lose all rankings and all revenues. Ideally, I would figure out what is causing this issue before disabling as I would rather keep the url structure, but time is not on my side because I would likely need to upgrade php, vbulletin, and dbseo. I don't have time to do that right now but I need my server to be able to serve my site (especially the non-forum side) to visitors.

So, what happens when I disable and/or uninstall dbseo? I've been running dbseo for a few years now so I need the dbseo-ed urls to be 301 redirected to the vbulletin url structure. Do I need to write redirects myself for this, or will dbseo do this for me?



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High resource usage is incorrectly attributed to DBSEO due to the fact that dbseo.php takes over every vBulletin request. Please ignore these warnings, and tell your server guy to do the same.

You may need to double the amount of available MySQL connections from the current value if you are running into "too many connections" errors.

Disabling DBSEO will cause all rewrites, as well as all existing rewritten URLs, to stop working.

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