1. P

    Bug Change Php 5.4 to 5.6 and not works

    I have a problem with DragonByte Tech: Advanced User Tagging (Lite). I change my forum to another Server. The old server have php 5.4 and the new server have php 5.6. In the new server Advanced User Tagging not works. I can tag users but when I go to...
  2. lch8

    Question What happens to dbseo-ed links when I disable or uninstall dbseo?

    I am having a lot of issues with my site, which includes a forum and a non-forum side. The server is being overloaded with connections and my systems guy thinks it has to do with dbseo. He wants me to disable the mod to see if it fixes the problem. At this point, I need our site up and...
  3. S

    Bug Redis::connect(): connect() failed: Cannot assign requested address

    Redis server : 3.2.8 PHP module : redis (3.1.1) System test >> redis : no error. All are fine. My redis config file : $config['Optimise']['redisServers'] = array( array('host' => '', 'port' => 6379) ); $config['Optimise']['redisMaxDelay'] = 10; // if slave server is out of sync by...
  4. Actualidad tma

    Moving from vbseo to dbseo

    Hi, I would like to change my old vbseo to dbseo for some reasons, but the main reason is security, because is a out-of-date product and it is not safe at all. However, I have some question. 1.- Urls will be the same? Will I have broken links? 2.- Will server load get increased? 3.- Does it...
  5. Fillip H.

    DragonByte Optimise Cache Info

    Redis $config['Optimise']['redisServers'] = array( array('host' => '', 'port' => 6379), ); $config['Optimise']['redisMaxDelay'] = 10; // is slave server is out of sync by more than this many seconds, switch to master $config['Optimise']['redisTimeout'] = 3; // if redis server...
  6. D

    Question Multiple memcache servers

    Hi Will vboptimize pro take advantage of multiple memcache servers in a 3 server load balanced setup as vbulletin does?
  7. N

    Game server monitoring - Server boards.

    Using GameQ like the puglin for MyBB: Servers board GameQ: GitHub - Austinb/GameQ: A PHP Gameserver Status Query Library
  8. Replicators

    Bug Internal Server Error when uploading big files

    When i upload like a 600 mb file, when it gets completed, it will just hang as if it is still uploading but nothing happens and after awhile i get "Error: Internal Server Error" and though it seems to have still uploaded it, but takes so long in hanging at the end.
  9. Fillip H.

    [XenForo] DragonByte Shout v7.0.0 Beta 10 Released

    Hey all, We're releasing DragonByte Shout v7.0.0 Beta 10 for XenForo in order to resolve reported issues. If you like the product you can show your support by reviewing it here: [DBTech] DragonByte Shout v7 [Lite] | xenForo Community or here: [DBTech] DragonByte Shout v7 [Pro] | xenForo...
  10. E

    Bug Internal Server Error

    Internal Server Error The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request. Please contact the server administrator at to inform them of the time this error occurred, and the actions you performed just before this error...
  11. ringnews24

    Bug Shoutbox Delay

    After you type and hit enter there seems to be a 10-15 second delay before the post appears. The shoutbox is up-to-date and I got the server guys to check the server and they said every thing's ok.
  12. CharlieDelta

    Bug Cannot Access the Edit Settings

    I cannot access the edit settings of the newsletter. Everytime I click I get a server error. Now before you immediately jump that is a server or my host issue I have to point out that I am having the same problem with the cookie settings page and on that page there is some html issues. See here...
  13. W

    Bug Error 500 - internal server error

    Just upgraded to 2.0.18 and now when I try to go to the dbseocp I am getting a ERROR 500 - INTERNAL SERVER ERROR Initially my whole forum was giving me the same error....but now it is only the control panel for seo. Any ideas?
  14. B

    Strange Error log file on server

    Hello I do not know where to post ... sorry if it is wrong place .. i get very strange errors in my error log file on server ... [18-Jul-2015 17:30:14 America/Denver] PHP Fatal error: Class 'DBTECH_LOGOR' not found in /home/mysite/public_html/forum/dbtech/logor/hooks/parse_templates.php on...
  15. Morrus

    Feature Request Server loads

    Whenever I use vBMail it takes about 8 hours to run through and email everyone. My server times out every few minutes using the mod. That can be fixed by simply hitting refresh so that it tries that page again and continues where it left off. The problem is, I have to sit there for the full...
  16. D

    Question Redis installed but still error message

    I installed Redis cache but I still get this error. What am I missing? vB Optimise: You have selected a cache method that vB Optimise has detected you cannot use, this may be because the extension required is either not installed or configured correctly on your server. Please contact your...
  17. GreyGhost

    Bug Forbidden message when saving settings

    Hi, I did post this on vB org forums but realised be better to post it here... I'm getting the following message when I try to change any vBSecurity settings in ACP. ---------- "Forbidden You don't have permission to access /admincp/vbsecurity.php on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found...
  18. Fillip H.

    vB Optimise v2.6.2 Gold Released

    Hey all, After a successful Beta period, we're releasing vB Optimise v2.6.2 Gold, signalling that we're confident that this version can be deployed on production systems. Additionally, this version adds an option to automatically prevent the Search system from functioning on supported systems...
  19. Drahnier

    Bug Tags and Tag Cloud Completely Missing?

    I was originally thinking this wasn't an addon problem and asked about it on (info here: Tags Directory Missing? - vBulletin Community Forum ), but have since been directed here... Essentially, my server seems to think that tags are non-existent. Trying to view the tag cloud sends me to...
  20. J

    Bug too many connections error dbseo

    I'm getting this database error every 2 minutes in my email. Database error in DragonByte SEO 1.3.2: Too many connections MySQL Error : Error Number : I'm on a dedicated server. How do I look into this issue?