1. chatty

    Question Cookie Control Settings and Caregorys

    Hi there, first : nice addon and and a must have in europe :) Thank you for that. But here ist something that makes a bit confuse . in the Admin CP if u click on the Cookie Management you see many Cookie Categories with stuff in there. In my case my site use not XSRF-TOKEN and no Google...
  2. Gator

    Add additional Options for Donations

    Would it be possible to add additional functionality to the donations add-on for XenForo. For example, I receive donations for my site, but I also make payments using the money from the donations. I would like to be able to add the payments to the financial record where the module would...
  3. H

    Question Support

    I was trying to open a ticket but it didn't work. I am looking for an update for my email v2 or v2.1.3pl4 . You guys installed that software on my website. You also send me an update some time ago but it was by mistake deleted. I know this is not a support ticket site ,it is a forum but...
  4. A

    Question redirect-to/?redirect

    hi why my site redirect to external link ?malware?
  5. lch8

    Question What happens to dbseo-ed links when I disable or uninstall dbseo?

    I am having a lot of issues with my site, which includes a forum and a non-forum side. The server is being overloaded with connections and my systems guy thinks it has to do with dbseo. He wants me to disable the mod to see if it fixes the problem. At this point, I need our site up and...
  6. Saladin1980

    Question Get to "suggestions" page?

    I know may be some where on how to do this. I have fixed nav and such but i have not seen a way to "suggest" a stream on the site? Is it more coding i will need to add to the listing?
  7. M


    Have installed DBSeo today. But Sitemap won't generate Error: Missing site. on line 51 in /var/www/vhosts/ (code: 0) I do not caching anything....
  8. G

    Invalid Category ID error when submitting support ticket

    Hi there, I tried submitting a support ticket (as follows) but when I did, I got an invalid category ID but I did try both Pre-Sales and a different category but got the error both times. Hopefully you don't mind that I have submitted this here. My question was:- Hello, I'm just upgrading my...
  9. S

    Question Sending a mail and templates

    Hi Think I know the answer to this but just need to confirm.. Before I add vBMail to my live site tomorrow, I have just been looking at my test site and notice a difference between the screen I see and the user manual for the product.. When I go to mailing list and click on "send mail" I...
  10. Alan_SP

    Bug Cookie Control triggers Avast to block website

    I received complaints from some users that use Avast that they can not access site. After some investigation, Avast was "culprit". I contacted Avast, they said that site links xb11766 com/ctrd/click (made link not working that you avoid potential problems, just in case. I don't have links on my...
  11. G

    Bug Excessive PHP processes when plugin is enabled

    It may be that my setup is not supported but I was curious if anyone else was having trouble with Vbulletin 4.2.4 RC 2 with PHP 5.6 & VBDonate Lite latest version When the plugin is enabled, my site hits the cap of 100 PHP processes and my server stops responding. I have to kill all PHP...
  12. Alan_SP

    Bug When installed, site asks for login information over cookies consent, can't use site

    I installed mod first on my test site, there was everything ok (it is the same server). After that, when everything worked out, I tried to install it on my main site. Well, problem is that I see this message: Authentication required. za slobodni svijet requires username and...
  13. P

    Question DBTech SEO disrupted my AdminCP and website

    Hi I was trying to install DBTech SEO Lite for my site. But after installation, it made my whole AdminCP & website unavailable. I had to log in to cPanel, change config.php to disable all the mods and then I was able to get back to my AdminCP and site. Could you please fix this problem? Thanks
  14. K

    Feature Request Link to website open in new window

    Hello, Just noticing when using the forms and asking for a link to a website when you click it in the thread it opens in the same window taking you away from the site. Can we make this open in a new window? We would rather it not take the user away from the site. Looking forward to a fix...
  15. M

    Feature Request Automatic Usernamepreview

    Hi, i wish a feature, that the Username are shown if the Tag/Mention are written with the first 3 Characters. many Functions of VB using this, PM (Usernamefield), Search Users, etc. I see it on an Site called that they have it on the Editor, it´running on an modified VBulletin.
  16. S

    vBSEO Version 3.3 to DBSEO

    My old VB3 site was running vBSEO version 3.3 still, that site is now gone and upgraded to version 4 of VB and I simultaneously removed vBSEO. I still have my old site running locally on a VM and I wasn't aware of DBSEO until recently but I notice that a config.xml file is required. Version...
  17. M

    Question Site is broken

    I was installing SEO 2.0.36 and it broke the forum. I was at step: 4. (vB4 Only) Go to AdminCP -> Settings -> Options -> Friendly URLs and set the "URL Type" to "Standard URLs". But couldn't do it as the site was already broken. I removed .htaccess and turned off the SEO plugin via MYSQL and...
  18. Tariq7

    Shoutbox problem

    I purchase the shoutbox and installed it on my site my site is a version 5.2.2 when I installed it a cause my sidebar to drop to the bottom of the site I talked to vbulletin Tech and they say these problems because of the shoutbox is there any solution to this problem so I can get my sidebar...
  19. Praetorian

    Feature Request Navigation Fix?

    Currently the mod does not offer a way to go from the article BACK to the category it was listed from. Site with lots of categories can cause their users much frustration with out that ability to easily go back. I tried implementing a history back button and that works for some instances but...
  20. J

    vBulletin site shutdown

    Hi, Anyone have an insight as to why the main vbulletin site is offline ? I can see that the is also offline. Lee