Invalid Category ID error when submitting support ticket

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Hi there,
I tried submitting a support ticket (as follows) but when I did, I got an invalid category ID but I did try both Pre-Sales and a different category but got the error both times.

Hopefully you don't mind that I have submitted this here.

My question was:-


I'm just upgrading my site to vb5.3.1 and was looking to add your vbArcade addon to my site but before purchasing it I thought I'd try the free one.

When I try it out first of all I had a problem with it putting an incorrect URL (it was adding the forum base URL twice) but I added a new permissions and refreshed the cache but now when it goes to submit a score there is an error (the game is using the IBProArcade method and worked before when I was using an older version in vbulletin 3.

I noticed from the change log there hadn't been any updates since May 2016, so I was wondering if you are still intending on keeping this addon going?

Many thanks in advance for your help in advance.

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