1. V

    Bug Seo It does not fit in any category

    It does not fit in any category Go back to the main
  2. D

    Bug Update, Branding Free, fatal error

    Hello, first I have upgradet to the latest version. In my Admin Menu are still a Menu from the old Version second I have bought the Branding Free Key ..... this can i not use in the V 3.3.0 .... there is nothing to show that it is only for the V1 or V2 So i want my money back third the...
  3. Sicilian

    Bug Error just started

    We've just had this error start when members create a thread that has vbforms. Fatal error: Call to undefined method vB_DataManager::vB_DataManager() in /home/worldsat/public_html/dbtech/dbforms/includes/class_dm_entry.php on line 72 Any ideas?
  4. J

    Bug Unknown column 'Array' in 'where clause'

    I've been getting this error a lot. Not sure for how long, because I only noticed it recently. Then someone found that if you view a thread in hybrid mode, there's a database error. Sure enough it's this one. I'm not sure if this has been the only thing that's been causing the error this whole...
  5. Augustus

    Bug Invalid Currency

    Since we've upgraded to XF2, we're getting an "invalid currency" error message whenever we click any of the currencies in the drop down menu on the header-navbar. We're not sure what's causing this. Could you provide some diagnostic advice if possible? I'm unsure of where to start looking...
  6. B

    Bug Install Error

    Hello, I've copied over all the files from upload folder and when i try to import the XML file i get this error message. • Altered Table: administrator • Altered Table: usergroup • Altered Table: user Cannot use object of type mysqli_result as array on line 79 in...
  7. F

    Bug PHP error with VBulletin 4.2.5 on user settings page for DBTech Post Templates

    When going to settings > Post & PM Templates - when I try to open the page it I get this PHP error: Call to undefined method vB_DataManager::vB_DataManager() on line 36 in public/forum/includes/class_dm_posttemplates.php #0 public/forum/includes/functions.php(196)...
  8. San

    Question Fatal error: Access to undeclared static property: REGISTRATION

    Fatal error: Access to undeclared static property: REGISTRATION::$verified in /home4/san/public_html/dbtech/registration/includes/class_core.php on line 379
  9. 1quicksi

    Question eRROR

    Just installed and got an error when trying to "save all" when uploading an image. Not Found The requested URL /forums/dbtgallery.phpdo=view_image&id=1&gal=gallery was not found on this server.
  10. F

    Bug PHP 7.1 throws error when selecting Memcached

    FYI: I have the latest version of Memcached running on PHP 7.1. When I selected Memcached as a caching option in VB Optimise's control panel I got this error: Fatal User Error: The Memcached class is no longer supported, please update your config to use Memcache in...
  11. V

    Feature Request Loading all mood images with each post

    Hello! When using the Moods system, even if the moods are not displayed in the postbit, all the images of the moods are loaded with each post, which causes a huge (useless) load on the server with each post. Just the selected mood image should be loaded and just on profiles, but no mood image...
  12. O

    Bug Error When Saving Points Settings

    After a upgrade from vb 4.2.2 to vb 4.2.5 I get this error when trying to save points settings: Call to undefined method vB_DataManager::vB_DataManager() on line 76 in /forum/dbtech/vbactivity/includes/class_dm_type.php #0 /forum/dbtech/vbactivity/includes/class_core.php(373)...
  13. V

    Bug Huge error logs with vB Credits

    Hello! I have vBulletin 4.2.2 with vBcredits Deluxe 2.1.0. Php 5.6. I noticed my error logs got huge and when I checked, I keep getting these errors every second. [Sat Aug 19 20:20:26 2017] [warn] [client] mod_fcgid: stderr: PHP Strict Standards: Non-static method...
  14. bjele

    Bug Android mobile users are seeing an error

    When someone using an Android phone uses our forum, they get an error: Warning date(): it is not safe to rely on the system's timezone settings. You are *required* to use the date.timezone setting or the date_default_timezone_set() function. In case you used any of those methods you are still...
  15. D

    Bug No Permission

    I just installed the PRO version of Reviews. It seems I can see the reviews button and page when I am logged in as the administrator, but I get this message when I log in as a "regular" member: "We are sorry but you do not have permissions to view reviews. Please speak with the administrator if...
  16. E

    Bug Classifieds lite not working

    I've installed it, I can access it in the admincp, change settings there and so on, but the dbtclassifieds.php isn't working; I get a: Is this normal? Was there a setting I missed?
  17. H

    Global Branding Free

    I tried to post a ticket but kept getting an "invalid id" error message. I have a global branding free license for vbulletin. Will it transfer to Xenforo?
  18. jhj8864

    Bug 'Ghost' image in Forum Stats Display

    When I turn on the 'Forum Stats' option, the display shows 5 items (with a missing icon for the 5th item) - but I only have 4 buttons/options built and turned on. I have cleared caches, run the maintenance options, rechecked settings - I cannot figure out why this 5th option is showing up...
  19. I

    Bug forum tabs and php 7.1.5

    hello just trying to troubleshoot this on the fly for the live upgrade hoping we can make it work and keep php 7.1.5... it might be the only incompatibility if i do those other works on the vps... it is a sort of big one tho on this project... basic enviro is arch/nginx/php7.1.5/maria db10...
  20. scottct1

    Bug Getting an Error

    Since installing yesterday I am getting this error showing up in my logs. It only happens randomly when you go to the URL Notable Members | SatelliteGuys.US Thanks, Scott Server Error Log Error Info ErrorException: array_keys() expects parameter 1 to be array, string given -...