1. webi

    Feature Request OptIn

    Hi Fillip, Is it possible for a new version of vbmail also an Opt-In system to program? For German mailing lists and newsletters something like this is needed. Should something like this be available then only in the Pro version, I am willing to acquire this, of course. Regards
  2. T

    Bug A few issues

    Recently updated to version 1.4.6 and have noticed some issues, they are: Change Usergroup - This does not work when a contribution has been confirmed, I have to manually change their usergroup. Send PM - Upon making a contribution the user and admin will receive a pm, however once...
  3. O

    Question Turn off notification of own thanks / likes

    When you click like / thanks on a thread the growler notification shows that you have a new thank / like but it is just your own. Is there any way we can disable the notification system from showing thanks and likes that we have given to other people?
  4. D

    Bug Warning: preg_replace(): The /e modifier is deprecated

    The url may not work because it is not live yet. The error that appears when tagging a user in a post is: Warning: preg_replace(): The /e modifier is deprecated, use preg_replace_callback instead in ..../includes/functions_newpost.php on line 200 I am aware that this is because the server is...
  5. V

    Question Problem with vbcredits

    Hello. I bought vbcredits that can not get vbcredits lite works well and I hope your help. The credits do not add up right. Only have events added by posts, threads ect ... But I have users post 1000 with 0 credits, or even negative. Can you help please? thanks
  6. A

    Question Just upgraded to v3.2.7, how come all of the previous history is gone from the tab

    Hi, I just upgraded to Advanced Post Thanks / Like v3.2.7. As soon I activated, all of the previous history is gone from the tab. Why did it do that and how can I fix it? Also one of my posts had 20 likes and now looking it, it has only 2 likes that were given after the update and now when...
  7. A

    Question Basic Settings

    Hello, I have recently installed Dragonbyte SEO Pro. Unfortunately I do not really see any sort of improvement in web traffic for my forum. I am rather new at using SEO and I really have no expertise at setting up or using this type of software. So my questions are as follows: Is there a...
  8. V

    Forum Tabs

    Hi This change affects only in homepage?It is possible that it will work even when you enter in the category? Thanks
  9. D

    Question Professional install

    As I mentioned before, I need all the previous Vbseo likes to be merged with product. Also I can't see the like buttons at the threads and posts. Can you help with that?
  10. Grumpy

    Bug Fatal Error - after updating from 1.1.5 to 1.1.6

    Just updated from 1.1.5 to 1.1.6 and I get this error Fatal error: require(): Failed opening required '/xxxxx/xxxx/public_html/forum/dbtech/classifieds_pro/hooks/build_navigation_array.php' (include_path='.:/opt/php54/lib/php') in...
  11. Nirjonadda

    Bug Promotions

    Promotions stopped working, Please can you check on this issue.
  12. T

    Bug Breadcrumb Microdata Problem

    I have recently updated from 1.0.14 to 1.0.17 and my breadcrumb is totally messed up, checked back through the change log and noticed the Breadcrump Microdata feature. Please can you advise how I can get my breadcrumb back in one line not separate lines. Many thanks
  13. Force

    Question post.php

    [CODE] // Deal with the case that quote was the only content of the post if (trim($page_text) == '') { $page_text = $this->get_field('pagetext'); $strip_quotes = false; } return htmlspecialchars_uni(fetch_censored_text(...
  14. J

    Bug preg_match(): Compilation failed: missing terminating ] class_core.php on line 2417

    Hi, I have been investigating lack of notifications for tapatalk users after turning on vbanswer lite 2.0.0 (hotfixed yesterday) and current vbactivity pro. But the only error I get (a lot!) in the log is a dbseo error: [22-May-2014 20:49:14 UTC] PHP Warning: preg_match(): Compilation...
  15. T

    Bug Getting Error Code

    Im getting this error: The error code is: Fatal error: Call to undefined method class_vMail::Cleaning() in /home/andree/public_html/profile.php(182) : eval()'d code on line 42 Was told its unrelated to the Mod BUT only happens when its enabled. Upon managing the bouncing mail and user sent to...
  16. T

    Bug Showing twice

    I have this issue Screenshot by Lightshot and was told to disable ALL plugins to see if error was still there and did as told and it shows the same. What can I do to fix that? thanks.
  17. Alexi

    Question Add category and configure it

    Hello, Whatever I do, I get the following msg: You must add at least one category and configure it for the system to function. I have added 10 categories and got the same results! Then I uninstalled and re-installed, but it didn't help at all! Thanks for your time!
  18. D

    Bug bugs etc after professional install

    The first problem is that some of the VBSEO URLs are now says- Wrong redirect, I need to rename th forum name to work, also I'am loosing the traffic, due the forum are indexed, this URLs. Next is VBSEO Likes are missed. No one said it will bw missed. The ordered brandfree versions of your...
  19. L

    Question I cant Invite :( Help Please

    hello all i have a problem i cant invite why ? all my setting is fine Today i close the registration when i click invite link i see this error whats the problem help please any help please
  20. Mike Carter

    Question Reduce number of executions?

    Hi Love the product, forum wouldn't be without it. Slight problem - been getting a lot of warnings from my hosting company recently that I'm exceeding my monthly execution allowance. The Shoutbox is far and away the biggest offender unfortunately. Is there anything I can do to reduce the...