1. C

    Question Potential bug: Charge icon missing in thread create/post

    I noticed this today when making a thread. There area that I circle when hovered over says "charge" but there is no currency icon or anything to designate the 'box.' Wasn't sure if this was something to be fixed or just an error in my template/config. Wanted to pass it along. Thanks!
  2. X

    Question Post redirects

    I was playing around in Google search console (Fetch as Google) to see whether any content was being blocked. I don't include posts in the sitemap but just out of interest I got Google to fetch some random post URLs for example...
  3. J

    Question Imported reviews from thread

    I imported some threads to populate the Reviews, why arent the images in the post with a IMG tag not parsing to show the picture?
  4. F

    Bug PHP error with VBulletin 4.2.5 on user settings page for DBTech Post Templates

    When going to settings > Post & PM Templates - when I try to open the page it I get this PHP error: Call to undefined method vB_DataManager::vB_DataManager() on line 36 in public/forum/includes/class_dm_posttemplates.php #0 public/forum/includes/functions.php(196)...
  5. Zambfd

    Bug Profileblock Execution Timeout on large liked posts with many bbcode

    Hi, Location File: /dbtech/thanks/includes/class_profileblock.php Line: 305 strip_bbcode(strip_tags($results_r['pagetext'])) Problem If a liked post consists of hundreds of nested bbcodes profiles run into a timeout - especially if the post is liked multiple times. It happens because of the...
  6. 1quicksi


    Question is not about support given which is always top notch but rather what are you using for the help/support forums to allow uses to post bugs or how do I questions?
  7. V

    Feature Request Loading all mood images with each post

    Hello! When using the Moods system, even if the moods are not displayed in the postbit, all the images of the moods are loaded with each post, which causes a huge (useless) load on the server with each post. Just the selected mood image should be loaded and just on profiles, but no mood image...
  8. I

    Bug Post Thank You Hack not compatible for vbulletin 3.8.11

    Post Thank You Hack not compatible for vbulletin 3.8.11
  9. bjele

    Question Having a % sign in the thread title is causing errors

    Our forum deals with questions about Microsoft Excel. A fair number of questions are dealing with questions about how to mark cells that are below 80% or not quite 100% or how to calculate a % of the total. We have a lot of historical posts with a % sign in the title and a lot of people who...
  10. V

    Question Maximum Times Doesn't Take Effect

    I'm very perplexed by this issue and would really appreciate any light anyone could shed on this! In "Activity Amounts Configuration" I created the following 2 "Post" events: 1)With "Post Amount" = 10 and "Maximum Times" = 20. 2)With "Post Amount" = 2 and "Maximum Times" = [blank]. The idea...
  11. Thumpr

    Question How do I modify the wording in PM notifications?

    As it stand now, when a user likes or thanks for a post, a PM is sent to the receiver. How do I fix the wording in that PM? Here is the current wording: "Dear , I clicked Likes for your post: . The discussion is located at: [THREAD_URL]" It looks like the username is supposed to go after the...
  12. R

    Bug Is Advanced Post Thanks compatible with VB 4.2.5 and PHP 7.0

    I tried Advanced Post Thanks when i migrate to Vbulletin 4.2.5 and PHP 7.0 and i had a duplicating problem. When someone used the thanks for this post, every time someone answer the post, the product multiply each time who thanks for this post and after 20 answer there was 20 thanks for the one...
  13. D

    Question DBSHop and DBCredit integration

    I have Coins as currency in shop and credit. I also check integration in DBshop currency. But credit I get from event in DBcredit doesn't merge or integrate with DBshop. What did I do wrong? Also, in DBshop there is increasement in post and thread. I set them to be 5 in post and 10 in thread...
  14. O

    Question remove "View single post" In search results

    In the search results of google individual post are displayed. How can I make sure that these are not crawled by search engines? I also do not want the following not to be covered by search engines: forums members memberlist What do I have to adjust? Unfortunately I do not find the function...
  15. F

    Bug Post thread bug (poster ID not matching)

    The issue: When someone does a donation the automated post needs moderation/approval. The forum where it's posted doesn't have moderation set. I'm also running Glowhost Spam-O-Matic with moderation options. When disable these options everything works fine. This plugin also have user ID+groups...
  16. S

    Question Quote statistic missing

    Hi Now this may just be me, but in the statistics on the right hand side of the user I do not see "quoted" only "mentioned" and "tagged" have I done something wrong Lol ... I did try quoting a post but nothing appears like it does on here ... Any ideas .... Other than that seems to be...
  17. T

    Bug Bookmark post doesn't work unless Bookmark Thread is also enabled.

    I wanted to have Can Bookmark Threads set to No and Can Bookmark Posts set to Yes, but when doing so, despite the bookmark icon/button showing on posts, it doesn't do anything when clicked. If I set Can Bookmark Threads back to Yes then the bookmark post icon/button does work. My skin is...
  18. S

    Bug Full Guest Cache Does Not Work as Intended?

    Hi. When monitoring my memcached cached objects, i noticed that memcached cache is cleared often. No server error, still lot of available memory. Memcached : 1.4.34 PHP memcache : 3.0.9-dev PHP version : 7.0 UPDATE : After observing further, i noticed this happens only if i chose memcached...
  19. S

    Question Translating "Donate" to my local language

    I read this thread: I am not able to change this too.... and a user post this screenshot: Dropbox - Screenshot 2015-01-27 21.10.59.png but I dont have this option?
  20. ClaFV

    Question Scored Quiz Submission Post Type

    I have the versione PRO The function REPLY in Scored Quiz Submission Post Type not work with "reply" the post is not created under the topic with correct object with "new" creates each time a new topic but it is not what I want! Thanks for support