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  • Cosmic, what is the name of the product that does this?

    Hi Sir
    Sorry I Bothered You Here
    I Just Installed Ajax Threads And Its Not Working At All
    I Tested Several Version, 1.0.6 1.1.1 Pro 1.1.2 Pro And Lite
    I Installed It Very Carefully And The Messages Are Shown At The Top And Bottom Of Any Topic
    i Want To Know Is There Any Thing That Stop Ajax Threads To Work?
    Or What Should I Do To Make This Program Work
    Vb 4.2.1. Thank You So Much
    Hello there :)

    I'd like to thank you for providing so many lite mods for vBulletin!
    The mods are amazing, simple to use and work like a charm.

    Thanks and greetings,
    D. :)
    Hey dude hows it been? Its been a long time, I doubt you even remember me (deceptors buddy, dating waay back) lol. Im back in the forum biz on a small scale, running lots of the DB tech goodies (free versions for now ha). This place has definately become one hell of a company man, Im glad to see you guys didnt lose steam in the innovation department. Props!
    Hi Cosmic,

    I have been told that the Navtabs mod is not used or usable in 4.2pl1, is that correct mate? Can you tell me which of your mods I have purchased will work in 4.2 and if there have been any upgrades? I have been paying for pro installs so am not sure which way to go.

    The "April 2012 New Release" bundle is the same price as buying the mods individually. Is this as planned or should there be a bundle discount?
    I've just been re-reading your Blog again, and saw that it was your B-day a few days ago...
    Better late then never:
    Happy Birthday @Cosmic !!!
    j’ai acheté le vboptimise mais j’arrive pas a le telecharger
    quand je veux le telecharger pour l installer dans mon forum il me donne juste un fichier txt
    Cosmic i have read your post in the blog of porting your vb mods to xenforo...the last year you have affirmed that you have ported the main vb mods to xenforo in the firsts months of 2011, now the exemplificative eta has changed? I want to open a new project but i need the main mods of dbt (vbcredits, shop and hopefully tt pro)...have you an exemplificative eta for the porting of this mods on xenforo?
    Hello, just one question - can you tell me the name of that plugin ? I mean, like "I hove my mouse over your name - it comes one square box". That one

    Thank you.
    I sent you an inquiry in a PM a few days ago. Should I interpret the missing answer as a sort of "not interested"-answer?
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