1. scottkoz20

    Bug Missing Usernames in User Notifications

    Just installed and most everything looks great - just one minor setting that I might be missing and that is the usernames are not showing in the User Notification area... when I go to the main PM box, the usernames do show up there. I marked it as a bug in case, but it's probably a setting that...
  2. J

    Bug Unknown column 'Array' in 'where clause'

    I've been getting this error a lot. Not sure for how long, because I only noticed it recently. Then someone found that if you view a thread in hybrid mode, there's a database error. Sure enough it's this one. I'm not sure if this has been the only thing that's been causing the error this whole...
  3. CharlieDelta

    Bug Inactive User Log - Wrong Date

    I was checking the inactive user log and it is showing a very strange date.
  4. V

    Bug Cannot edit admin's credits

    Hello! When I try to add credits to members I am able to, even to other administrators. However, I am unable to add credits to my account (user ID 1, set as special user in vb config file). I mention that I was set as special user before too (I was using an older version of vBcredits back...
  5. P

    Bug Change Php 5.4 to 5.6 and not works

    I have a problem with DragonByte Tech: Advanced User Tagging (Lite). I change my forum to another Server. The old server have php 5.4 and the new server have php 5.6. In the new server Advanced User Tagging not works. I can tag users but when I go to...
  6. H

    Question recalculate point for specific user

    Hello I installed "[DBTech] vBActivity & Awards v3 (vB4)" on 4.2.5. My forum had more than 50000 registered users and more than 1800000 posts. So recalculating points require several hours. When i start reclculating process, the process had stopped at one specific user (whose posts are more than...
  7. B

    Question I would disable received thanks or like email notification

    . Hi to all ! ..I would disable email notification to all user when they receive a thanks or a like I'm running DragonByte Tech: Advanced Post Thanks / Like (Lite) 3.0.4a8 ..they are receiving email notification even on their user setting the email notification is disabled as the attacched...
  8. 1

    Question Settings for User

    I just installed Forum Live Feed & User Wall. I'm running vb 4.2.4 When I go into Settings for my user and click on the "DBTech - Live Feed Settings, I then see "Settings" and immediately under that is says "Save Changes" "Reset Fields" There is nothing else on this page. How do I correct...
  9. Zambfd

    Feature Request New(er) user agent in curl request

    Hi, could you please replace the user agent defintion in curl_exec_follow (class_core.php) with a more recently ? e.g. Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/58.0.3029.110 Safari/537.36 Some websites and services (like epapers) return invalid...
  10. A

    Bug Issue with only 1 user on their profile

    So I have an issue with just 1 user, could be more but nobody actually uses this so I wouldn't know. The problem is when he goes to his profile and clicks the 'quotes' tab, he can't go to page 2. He gets the 'you do not have permission to view this...' thing and I can't figure out what is...
  11. F

    Bug Post thread bug (poster ID not matching)

    The issue: When someone does a donation the automated post needs moderation/approval. The forum where it's posted doesn't have moderation set. I'm also running Glowhost Spam-O-Matic with moderation options. When disable these options everything works fine. This plugin also have user ID+groups...
  12. R

    Bug Doesnt show any older thanks since upgrade

    My site was recently upgraded and we upgraded all the mods, When upgrading this one, We found that the data is still there but we don't see any old thanks/likes/loves. We can see the new ones. The data can be found on the side of each user profiles in a post thanks/likes dropdown chart. When...
  13. S

    Question Change the free version to the paid version

    Hello. I own the free version of this addon. Now I want to buy the pro version. How can I add the pro version, without losing the db with the user mentions?
  14. T

    Question turn off out going quotes notification

    hi, this mod is useful but sometime it make me confused how do i turnoff myself quotes ( out going quotes ) in user navbar notification ? ( only showing notification when other user quotes my post) Thanks
  15. S

    Question How to remove points of deleted posts from other member?

    Hello. When a user spam posts, I delete these posts. But then, the user will keep the points for the deleted posts. When I delete my own posts, it will remove the points. Why not when the Admin delete posts? Is it possible?
  16. F

    Bug User Title Change - debugged

    I've seen several posts here complaining that custom user titles are deleted/overwritten frequently, making this item pointless. I've debugged it and would like to show how this can be replicated and fixed: When changing a user title, vbshop sets vbulletin to recognize this as "yes, user set"...
  17. S

    Question Translating "Donate" to my local language

    I read this thread: I am not able to change this too.... and a user post this screenshot: Dropbox - Screenshot 2015-01-27 21.10.59.png but I dont have this option?
  18. S

    Question How to use Points from vBCredits to enter raffle?

    Hello. What should I enter there that user can use their points from vBCredit to enter the raffle? I am using vBActivity too for generate points. But these points are just for Awards. So when user reach 10 points they will get award X. No I added vBCredit to have a currency in the forum...
  19. cloferba

    VAT charged, wrong IP geolocalization

    Hi, I want to buy an addon but it charges me VAT. I'm in Australia so I shouldn't pay VAT. There is another thread on this forum of a user who had same issue and you told him you were going to investigate this issue but the bug still.
  20. ClaFV

    Question I do not get the results I get ...

    Hi support, i have the PRO version but, I do not understand these scores My setting I see no difference between Point or Percentual Type Score is Weighted Score what difference with even score ? Quiz Variety - 2 question because with 4 Incorrect - 9 correct = 100% ? Quiz Matching...