1. Ryan Hunter

    Question HTTPS issue "Blank Screen

    Hello I noticed I'm getting the Blank Screen on the Twitch channel using Stream Suite, that wotws had. The SSL was given to me free as a long time customer loyalty by OVH. How to fix this HTTPS issue?
  2. D

    Bug No Permission

    I just installed the PRO version of Reviews. It seems I can see the reviews button and page when I am logged in as the administrator, but I get this message when I log in as a "regular" member: "We are sorry but you do not have permissions to view reviews. Please speak with the administrator if...
  3. trippy

    Bug Ad blocker

    Hi guys I am testing out the free version before I buy the full version Everying is pretty simple though for some reason I have a huge space where my banner is and it says please stop using a ad blocker. I have no ad blocker it's turned off tried it in Opera and IE and same issue so I edited the...
  4. A

    Bug Issue with only 1 user on their profile

    So I have an issue with just 1 user, could be more but nobody actually uses this so I wouldn't know. The problem is when he goes to his profile and clicks the 'quotes' tab, he can't go to page 2. He gets the 'you do not have permission to view this...' thing and I can't figure out what is...
  5. 1quicksi

    Bug Redirect issue when posting

    For some off reason, all of a sudden all posts or replies that are made look to be handled as a 404 and get redirected back to the sites home page. For example post here: OT: What's up with Hostboard? Brings you here, but you end up on the sites home page...
  6. S

    Bug Odd issue with blank page

    Hi Me AGAIN!! sorry :) Just noticed a strange issue... If I do a new post, then once submitted I then click on the button to expand the statistics I get a blank page appear.. If I then refresh the page, or leave the forum section and go back the statistics expand as they should.... any idea...
  7. Eden

    Bug [H:i, jS M Y] Issue

    Hi, I'm having an issue with vBshoot, I can't see the date and hours, but the following [H:i, jS M Y]. How can I solve this issue?
  8. cloferba

    VAT charged, wrong IP geolocalization

    Hi, I want to buy an addon but it charges me VAT. I'm in Australia so I shouldn't pay VAT. There is another thread on this forum of a user who had same issue and you told him you were going to investigate this issue but the bug still.
  9. A

    Bug Odd issue

    THE SHORT STORY: What happened? The host I'm on just finished upgrading the servers & migrating accounts, after migration, I noticed something... So I've had an issue with index.php saying "too many redirects" ( Error 310 (net::ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS))resulting in it not loading. Well today...
  10. K

    Bug Doesn't work at all.

    Hello, Just installed this (purchased the pro version since I thought the issue was the lite version) and it doesn't seem to be working at all still I have the options to hide the vBulletin ratings and they are still showing both the stars and the option to rate. Also I imported the old...
  11. Z

    Bug admins do not receive quote notifications

    Okay, this is a concern that has arisen from the issue I posted about yesterday which turned out to be an email filtering problem on the recipients' end. So it's unrelated. Or at least it appears so. However, the issue has come to focus because of the very troubleshooting steps performed during...
  12. K

    VAT issue

    Hi guys, I just went to buy vbSEO but noticed you are charging VAT. I am in Australia and do not pay VAT when buying goods or services from the UK. Can you address issue this please. Thanks, Kevin PS. From VAT: exports, dispatches and supplying goods abroad - Detailed guidance - GOV.UK...
  13. S

    Bug Category default tab issue.

    It seems, no matter what I set the default tab to for a category, it still defaults to 'All'. Not sure what the issue is here. Unless I'm missing something.
  14. K

    Question jQuery file

    Hello, I've not previously used jQuery. I've saved the jQuery.js file but need to know what more I need to do and exactly where the file should be placed. I have a copy uploaded to the clientscript directory at this time. All files are uploaded and the slider configured, but not visible...
  15. Bromacia

    Bug Shop has odd placement.

    Good afternoon, Seems there is an issue with placement in the shop. Any ideas?
  16. G

    Bug WYSIWYG is missing in admincp

    Hi, First of all I would say Your all the mods are Beautiful and worth.Keep it up the great work. Ok My issue is I'm on the VBactivity Lite(planning to go for the Pro soon) My issue occurred when I'm trying to edit the Vbadvanced module in the admincp my WYSIWYG Editor is missing See the Screen...
  17. Mokonzi

    DragonByte Classifieds v1.1.15 Released!

    Hi everyone, This week we have a bug fix update for DragonByte Classifieds (v1.1.15) fixes an issue with compatibility some users were experiencing with vBulletin 4.2.3 and above, as well as some changes to the way jQuery and JavaScript are loaded to improve load time, this latter thanks to...
  18. scottkoz20

    Question Missing Instance Manager

    Dumb Q - I just installed the Pro version and I don't have an instance manager for Shout. I know this is a local issue, but I don't know where I can find it. I'm hoping I don't have to uninstall/reinstall (but would if needed)
  19. scottkoz20

    Bug Users not able to Edit posts with Add-on enabled

    I had an issue previously with members attempting to Copy/paste from one forum to another and figured out that anything with a QUOTE tag (or any other coding) was not counting toward the 2 character minimum. That is something that I can handle and deal with my members with. However, there is...
  20. Fillip H.

    [XenForo] DragonByte Shout v7.0.0 Release Candidate 2 Released

    Hey all, We're releasing DragonByte Shout v7.0.0 Release Candidate 2 for XenForo in order resolve issues reported . If you like the product you can show your support by reviewing it here: [DBTech] DragonByte Shout v7 [Lite] | xenForo Community or here: [DBTech] DragonByte Shout v7 [Pro] |...