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Hi guys I am testing out the free version before I buy the full version
Everying is pretty simple though for some reason I have a huge space where my banner is and it says please stop using a ad blocker.
I have no ad blocker it's turned off tried it in Opera and IE and same issue so I edited the css file to get rid of the image and boarder etc but there is still no go
how can I edit this ?
<div class="dbtech-wrapper-block dbtech-wrapper-block-noblockbg" style="width:1600px; height:1200px;">
or how can I fix the problem with the ad blocker ?


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Hello trippy,

This ticket has now been closed with the status Cannot Reproduce.

We hope your issue or question has been addressed to your satisfaction. If not, please feel free to re-open it by clicking this link.

If you have any further issues or questions, please feel free to start a new support ticket via the button at the top of every page.

Thank you!
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