1. D

    Bug Update, Branding Free, fatal error

    Hello, first I have upgradet to the latest version. In my Admin Menu are still a Menu from the old Version second I have bought the Branding Free Key ..... this can i not use in the V 3.3.0 .... there is nothing to show that it is only for the V1 or V2 So i want my money back third the...
  2. K

    Question vbulletin 4.2.5 DragonByte SEO Lite problem

    DragonByte SEO Lite vBulletin 4.2.5 version does not work , disabled plugin plugin when the plugin is active vBulletin 4.2.3 version does not work vBulletin 4.2.5 version does not work please help
  3. P

    Question does 2fa work now?

    hello, trying to get this to work i see you updated it since my last try..... still doesnt seem to work for me... no options, nothing in config.php......yes im super admin etc etc all the basics same as before... there is a basic settings option for the version info and affliliate...
  4. GeekyPhilip

    Upgrading to VB 5.3

    Hello, I am looking at upgrading from VB 4 to VB 5. Do Post thanks and AJAX threads work correctly with the latest VB5 Version? Is there an upgrade option as I already have licences for your products? Thanks
  5. S

    Does the Dragonbyte MMO skin support latest version of Xenforo?

    Hi, I was browsing for some good looking Xenforo MMO themes, and found it here. I was wondering if this skin supports the latest version of Xenforo? The latest is currently 1.5.14. What version does the skin support up to otherwise? Thanks, I look forward to a response!
  6. trippy

    Bug Ad blocker

    Hi guys I am testing out the free version before I buy the full version Everying is pretty simple though for some reason I have a huge space where my banner is and it says please stop using a ad blocker. I have no ad blocker it's turned off tried it in Opera and IE and same issue so I edited the...
  7. I

    Bug Google Traffic has dropped since update to version 2.0.39.

    Hello, I have been using Dbseo for about 1 year and it all went well. But since I upgraded to the 2.0.39 version, my visitor numbers are dropping very strongly. The Google placement is different, my website is no longer well found. I haven't changed anything in the settings. It's a disaster...
  8. S

    Question Change the free version to the paid version

    Hello. I own the free version of this addon. Now I want to buy the pro version. How can I add the pro version, without losing the db with the user mentions?
  9. Cheyenne

    Bug Product XML Has Wrong Version

    Not truly a bug, but category selection is what it is...:) Version number in the product XML is marked 6.2.2 instead of 6.2.3 in the Advanced Post Thanks / Like Lite v6.2.3 update download. I thought I should bring this to your attention asap. :cool:
  10. angeljs

    Question Can't install due to MySQL version

    I'm trying to install the latest version of this plugin but keep receiving this error: This product is not compatible with version 5.0.96-community-log of MySQL Is there any way to get around this?
  11. I

    Feature Request vBDonate vbulletin 3.8

    vous pouvez m'aider et me dire ou je peut trouver la version vBDonate pour vbulletin 3.8 svp merci
  12. O

    Major feature updates are currently not possible?

    Good day, I had recently installed the Lite version of vBShout on my site and was considering a purchase of the Pro version. However, I notice on the store page a message that indicates "Major feature updates are currently not possible due to design decisions taken by Internet Brands." I'm...
  13. R

    Feature Request PhotoPost to DBGallery

    Hello, I saw another thread on importing Photopost to Dbgallery but it was closed so I could not comment. I have the last version of Photopost Pro and I plan to buy the latest version of DBgallery if I can import my images. I have tens of thousands.. Thanks, Rich
  14. K

    Bug Doesn't work at all.

    Hello, Just installed this (purchased the pro version since I thought the issue was the lite version) and it doesn't seem to be working at all still I have the options to hide the vBulletin ratings and they are still showing both the stars and the option to rate. Also I imported the old...
  15. webi

    Bug No New Files to Upload

    Hi Phillip. we can not upload any new files. No files are added to the list in order to upload then to start. An update to the current version has the problem not solved. ACP and FTP account are active. Best Regards
  16. S

    vBSEO Version 3.3 to DBSEO

    My old VB3 site was running vBSEO version 3.3 still, that site is now gone and upgraded to version 4 of VB and I simultaneously removed vBSEO. I still have my old site running locally on a VM and I wasn't aware of DBSEO until recently but I notice that a config.xml file is required. Version...
  17. A

    Feature Request Customizability

    Hello, A few of us are working on a project, we've added VbActivity on our forums to test it out. We also customized it a bit (onmouseover properties for acheivements). I really love the product and we are looking to update to the pro version once we launch. There is only one little thing...
  18. J

    Question MySQL Failure on Upgrade

    I just tried to update this mod on my VB installation (latest VB) from 3.1.4 to the current release found on I got the following error: This product is not compatible with version 5.0.96-log of MySQL. (Compatible starting with 5.1.0 / Incompatible with 999.0.0 and greater)...
  19. T

    Feature Request Gallery2 conversion

    I've written a conversion utility (a replacement for acpimport.php) to bring our Gallery2 data into Dragonbyte Gallery. The migration will happen in a few weeks: 1) Is anyone else interested in this? If so I'll write it up and post it here. 2) We will need a licence, but I haven't got...
  20. P

    Vb 5.2

    I was just curious, is there support for vBDonate on the current version of vBulletin? (5.2) if not is there a plan to bring it back?