1. F

    Bug PHP error with VBulletin 4.2.5 on user settings page for DBTech Post Templates

    When going to settings > Post & PM Templates - when I try to open the page it I get this PHP error: Call to undefined method vB_DataManager::vB_DataManager() on line 36 in public/forum/includes/class_dm_posttemplates.php #0 public/forum/includes/functions.php(196)...
  2. X

    Bug Page not found - posts

    This suddenly appeared yesterday when clicking on links to posts (not threads): Page not found Disabling DBSEO fixes this. Changes since it last worked properly: I was moved to a new server yesterday.
  3. P

    Bug Duplicate Content

    Hello, im from poland, i translate with google translator. since I changed from vbseo to dbseo, my traffic is strongly broken. it has fallen to 70%! google indexes single posts, although it is disabled in the settings. => Page Settings => Include Show Post = OFF. in the robots.txt showpost.php...
  4. O

    Question Possible to show on one page only?

    Is it possible to show the chat only on one page of a forum? For example on a "Shout" page? And if so, how would I go about doing it?
  5. K

    SEO Lite Redirecting Forums to Home

    Installed lite to assure it works before purchasing. Home forum loads but whenever I click on a forum it redirects to home page. Please advise.
  6. Praetorian

    Question Feature Question

    Its hard to tell for sure by the feature list but does this product display anywhere on the main forum page when a stream is live? Basically automatically show when its streaming? Or does it show a list anywhere on the main page a streamer list without having to visit the twitch product page...
  7. 1quicksi

    Question ACP white page

    Installed but when I click on the link in the ACP to configure/manage the program it gives me a white page. Re-uploaded files, uninstalled-re-install did not seem to work.
  8. S

    Question Pagination issue

    On the quotes page the page navigation isn't using the same format as the rest of the forum. I'm struggling to even work out where its pulling the data from to change them manually. Any tips on where to change it so I can make it match the forum default settings?
  9. CharlieDelta

    Bug No Permission Error When Testing

    When I try to test the digest I get the following error page.
  10. 1quicksi

    Bug Redirect issue when posting

    For some off reason, all of a sudden all posts or replies that are made look to be handled as a 404 and get redirected back to the sites home page. For example post here: OT: What's up with Hostboard? Brings you here, but you end up on the sites home page...
  11. Force

    Bug Block Managemen

    When I go to Block Management add new block I get the message what you see in the 2nd screenshot if I click the here link it just brings me back to the first page but if I find out where the link goes to I found out there is a missing phrase
  12. S

    Bug Odd issue with blank page

    Hi Me AGAIN!! sorry :) Just noticed a strange issue... If I do a new post, then once submitted I then click on the button to expand the statistics I get a blank page appear.. If I then refresh the page, or leave the forum section and go back the statistics expand as they should.... any idea...
  13. Augustus

    Question Manage Users?

    Hi there! Is there meant to be something under the Credits part of the Manage Users page? We've got 6 total currencies, three of which are active. In vBulletin I recall a similar feature that let me sort by currency and the amount people had, but this page is permanently without options on this...
  14. K

    Question Remove Comments

    Hello, I'm testing the demo quiz and so far, after a couple hotfixes, it's working fine. I'd like to remove the comments that have been made, how do I go about doing that? I don't see anything on the quiz main page or in the acp to accomplish this. Thanks. Ken
  15. CharlieDelta

    Bug Settings = Blank Page

    Just updated to the latest version and when I try to review the settings I just get a blank page. I suspect it is because the file structure has changed. Should I delete the old file structure and if so which ones should I delete? BTW - your admin credentials are still active. :)
  16. scottkoz20

    Question Change "Unknown Game" and moving Live Stream on main page above the Banner Ad

    Change "Unknown Game" and moving Live Stream on main page above the Banner Ad Team - I have a couple (ok, a few) How Do I questions 1) Is there anyway to change the "Streaming Unknown Game" to just Streaming Live; followed by the title of the stream? I dont recall a setting to change this...
  17. E

    Bug Phrase missing

    When trying to add a Real World within the Admin CP, submitting the page returns the following: Could not find phrase 'dbtech_vbshop_needs_primary'.
  18. M

    Question extra page

    as far as deposit credits the window will popups. is there a way i can have a link to click on and go to new page instead of popups window? thank you!
  19. M

    Question no rounding on latest transaction page

    1. i'm wondering if i've created a topic cost $.25 cent .. and on the latest transaction page i don't want it round up to $0.3 cent but to keep it $0.25 cents and also on the latest transaction page doesn't have the $ sign. I would like to have $ sign next to money. 2. Also on the templates...
  20. mikez006

    Question Purchasing items from thread page

    On the "create thread" page we have about 15 items that are purchasable during thread creation. Is there a way to make this area double columns instead of one? 15 items create a long list that someone has to scroll past each time. It would be better if it could be split into 2 columns to...