1. sharma

    Bug Several Bugs in Forum URL rewrites

    Hi, I'm facing multiple issues with URL rewrites such as. 1) Unicode isn't supported ( Tamil and Sinhala language isn't turn on as URL) 2) Search not working when DBseo enabled and its working fine if i disable DBseo plugin. 3) Thread URL's not redirecting to the exact page, but redirecting to...
  2. L

    Question How to print dbseo friendly url's to other parts of a page?

    Hi, so DBSEO works fine overall for several months, still trying to figure out how to print the SEO-friendly URL to a page/script. --So the URL in the navbar is example.com/f12/nice-nice-nice-123 now if I add this testing scripts, it shows the original, example.com/showthread.php?t=123 instead...
  3. K

    Question url problem

    url problem /3300-anadolu-niversitesi-posta-oluturma.html it should be as follows but I can not solve the problem above I did not do what I did I would like your help /3300-anadolu-universitesi-posta-oluşturma.html
  4. 1quicksi

    Question eRROR

    Just installed and got an error when trying to "save all" when uploading an image. Not Found The requested URL /forums/dbtgallery.phpdo=view_image&id=1&gal=gallery was not found on this server.
  5. P

    Question Which sitemap URL for Google Search Console?

    Hello, What URL do I need to enter at Google Search Console and robots.txt? https://www.example.com/dbseositemap.php or https://www.example.com/store_sitemap/dbseo_sitemap_index.xml.gz many make it different, I want to know what is best. Regards
  6. H

    Question How to prevent/delete "index.php" from showing in the url?

    Hi, i wonder is there a way to prevent/delete "index.php" from showing in the url?
  7. G

    Question Get current rewritten url

    Hello, I'm implementing DBSEO into our forum and need the full rewritten url on each page for use in an other plugin. I tried something like: DBSEO_Url_Create::createFull(DBSEO_Url_Create::createAny()) This works fine for forums, threads and profiles, but unfortunately not for socialgroups and...
  8. 1quicksi

    Bug Move Thread gives error

    Found a bug/issue when merging forum threads you get the following error: Trying to move: HostBoard To: The Altec User's Board Free Marketplace ! Gives error: You have not specified a valid URL for the thread that you want to merge. Please check that the URL includes a valid threadid...
  9. H

    Question url problem

    Hi Support, I need some assist, I have installed your plugin vbulletin dbseo the free version. Basically, when I view the thread on main page of the forums (without clicking the thread), it will show the url as (which is good) https://www.yoursite.com/forums-title/test-new-post.html but...
  10. Belazor

    Bug SEO URL Alias

    DBSEO does not use the "SEO Alias", it uses the article title. Regarding the "and", that currently cannot be translated, sorry :(
  11. H

    Question Migrate http to https

    Hello, I migrated the site from http to https, i have to change something in DBSEo Plugin? I need to change something for the Canonical URL? Thx
  12. I

    Bug Wrong Home URL from Preview Mode

    If you press the "preview"-Button, when you create a thread/answer/PM , the url of the start page is wrong. It will put this to the url: http://home.tld/newreply.php?do=postreply&t=xxxxxx When you press the start page button from the preview mode. I hope you understand me. I translate with...
  13. I

    Question Emailed urls don't match forum urls

    Hi need help.. was a 3.8.9 forum running vbseo upgraded to 4.2.4 and dbseo importing the vbseo setup i have an issue with the urls being sent out in emails not landing people where it should on the forum eg emailed url https://www.aulro.com/afvb/threads/246226?p=2643585#post2643585 in a...
  14. R

    Question Removal of ?s= from URLs'

    I have a few advertising CMS articles on the website, I received an email from them this morning asking why the '?=s' is in the URL, eg. /content/438-development-natural-gas-vehicles-ivecoa-s-new-strategy.html ? s = 0123ae3002c2f9d01c4eb7f8f0df5918 The customer is querying why are there soo...
  15. Zambfd

    Bug ISO-Forum, title replacement problem with special characters in target sites w. utf-8

    Hi, our forum is using the ISO-8859-1 character set for historical reasons... The Problem is, if our users are posting a url and the target site is using the utf-8 characer set your url title fetcher changes special characters like "ü ä ö" to vowels "u a o" instead of "ue ao oe" or just not...
  16. cionfs

    Question Redirect from root url to third level url

    Hi, I need to migrate my forum from the root to the third level. Esample: Root-> www.mysite.ext Third level-> forum.mysite.ext I don't want to move directly. I want to use Impex for this migration. There is a solution for redirect all the all urls to the new urls? I think that the forum...
  17. yeicov10

    Question I need help with url

    Hi I downloaded the DragonByte SEO Lite v2.0.36 free version to test it in my site. I have been configuring it but i don´t like that the the thread url appears with .html It is possible to remove .html using .htaccess? Mi configuration is: Sorry for my english. Thanks for the work.
  18. M

    Bug Sitemap Page URL wrong

    I have today enable Include Show Post at Sitemap. Here i have problem with the right URL. [thread_id]-[thread_title]-new-post.html <---------------- is set /1119547-post3.html <------------------ Output On Sitemap
  19. boldherri

    Question Database error

    Hello Dragonbytes, i have this big problem in my site i can no longer access. if i digit my url i get this message Can help you me please?
  20. Shimei

    Bug Notifications - URL not working

    Hello, I am uncertain of the correct operation here. Instead of receiving a forum notification the users receive a private message. Also in admin cp the notifications and email are selected no to not receive them, but people are still receiving them. Lastly, in the notification (private...