1. sharma

    Bug Language Encoding issue

    Hi, Refer Thread: https://www.dragonbyte-tech.com/threads/several-bugs-in-forum-url-rewrites.22421/#post-113171 Sorry for the delay, since i was travelling! Now, we have two issues. 1) Search results not redirecting to the respective links, instead its redirecting to the homepage. 2) Foreign...
  2. sharma

    Bug Several Bugs in Forum URL rewrites

    Hi, I'm facing multiple issues with URL rewrites such as. 1) Unicode isn't supported ( Tamil and Sinhala language isn't turn on as URL) 2) Search not working when DBseo enabled and its working fine if i disable DBseo plugin. 3) Thread URL's not redirecting to the exact page, but redirecting to...
  3. L

    Question How to print dbseo friendly url's to other parts of a page?

    Hi, so DBSEO works fine overall for several months, still trying to figure out how to print the SEO-friendly URL to a page/script. --So the URL in the navbar is example.com/f12/nice-nice-nice-123 now if I add this testing scripts, it shows the original, example.com/showthread.php?t=123 instead...
  4. K

    Question url problem

    url problem /3300-anadolu-niversitesi-posta-oluturma.html it should be as follows but I can not solve the problem above I did not do what I did I would like your help /3300-anadolu-universitesi-posta-oluşturma.html
  5. 1quicksi

    Question eRROR

    Just installed and got an error when trying to "save all" when uploading an image. Not Found The requested URL /forums/dbtgallery.phpdo=view_image&id=1&gal=gallery was not found on this server.
  6. P

    Question Which sitemap URL for Google Search Console?

    Hello, What URL do I need to enter at Google Search Console and robots.txt? https://www.example.com/dbseositemap.php or https://www.example.com/store_sitemap/dbseo_sitemap_index.xml.gz many make it different, I want to know what is best. Regards
  7. H

    Question How to prevent/delete "index.php" from showing in the url?

    Hi, i wonder is there a way to prevent/delete "index.php" from showing in the url?
  8. G

    Question Get current rewritten url

    Hello, I'm implementing DBSEO into our forum and need the full rewritten url on each page for use in an other plugin. I tried something like: DBSEO_Url_Create::createFull(DBSEO_Url_Create::createAny()) This works fine for forums, threads and profiles, but unfortunately not for socialgroups and...
  9. 1quicksi

    Bug Move Thread gives error

    Found a bug/issue when merging forum threads you get the following error: Trying to move: HostBoard To: The Altec User's Board Free Marketplace ! Gives error: You have not specified a valid URL for the thread that you want to merge. Please check that the URL includes a valid threadid...
  10. H

    Question url problem

    Hi Support, I need some assist, I have installed your plugin vbulletin dbseo the free version. Basically, when I view the thread on main page of the forums (without clicking the thread), it will show the url as (which is good) https://www.yoursite.com/forums-title/test-new-post.html but...
  11. Fillip H.

    Bug SEO URL Alias

    DBSEO does not use the "SEO Alias", it uses the article title. Regarding the "and", that currently cannot be translated, sorry :(
  12. H

    Question Migrate http to https

    Hello, I migrated the site from http to https, i have to change something in DBSEo Plugin? I need to change something for the Canonical URL? Thx
  13. I

    Bug Wrong Home URL from Preview Mode

    If you press the "preview"-Button, when you create a thread/answer/PM , the url of the start page is wrong. It will put this to the url: http://home.tld/newreply.php?do=postreply&t=xxxxxx When you press the start page button from the preview mode. I hope you understand me. I translate with...
  14. I

    Question Emailed urls don't match forum urls

    Hi need help.. was a 3.8.9 forum running vbseo upgraded to 4.2.4 and dbseo importing the vbseo setup i have an issue with the urls being sent out in emails not landing people where it should on the forum eg emailed url https://www.aulro.com/afvb/threads/246226?p=2643585#post2643585 in a...
  15. R

    Question Removal of ?s= from URLs'

    I have a few advertising CMS articles on the website, I received an email from them this morning asking why the '?=s' is in the URL, eg. /content/438-development-natural-gas-vehicles-ivecoa-s-new-strategy.html ? s = 0123ae3002c2f9d01c4eb7f8f0df5918 The customer is querying why are there soo...
  16. Zambfd

    Bug ISO-Forum, title replacement problem with special characters in target sites w. utf-8

    Hi, our forum is using the ISO-8859-1 character set for historical reasons... The Problem is, if our users are posting a url and the target site is using the utf-8 characer set your url title fetcher changes special characters like "ü ä ö" to vowels "u a o" instead of "ue ao oe" or just not...
  17. cionfs

    Question Redirect from root url to third level url

    Hi, I need to migrate my forum from the root to the third level. Esample: Root-> www.mysite.ext Third level-> forum.mysite.ext I don't want to move directly. I want to use Impex for this migration. There is a solution for redirect all the all urls to the new urls? I think that the forum...
  18. yeicov10

    Question I need help with url

    Hi I downloaded the DragonByte SEO Lite v2.0.36 free version to test it in my site. I have been configuring it but i don´t like that the the thread url appears with .html It is possible to remove .html using .htaccess? Mi configuration is: Sorry for my english. Thanks for the work.
  19. M

    Bug Sitemap Page URL wrong

    I have today enable Include Show Post at Sitemap. Here i have problem with the right URL. [thread_id]-[thread_title]-new-post.html <---------------- is set /1119547-post3.html <------------------ Output On Sitemap
  20. boldherri

    Question Database error

    Hello Dragonbytes, i have this big problem in my site i can no longer access. if i digit my url i get this message Can help you me please?