1. B

    Bug Ajax threads causes credits to zero when edit post

    After refreshing - ajax threads - credits show 0 and also arcade throphies in posbit dissapear when editing some post. regards bosss
  2. Fillip H.

    DragonByte Shout v7.0.0 Beta 4 Released

    Hey all, After collecting feedback on the previous Bets version, we're releasing DragonByte Shout v7.0.0 Beta 4 for XenForo in order to implement multiple improvements to the functionality in order to make it look & feel more like a native xenForo application. If you like the product you can...
  3. sleeperzzz

    Bug Articles won't load

    Hi DBTech, No idea why but when Ajax Threads is enabled our articles won't load. We can go to the articles page to view all articles created but once you click on one to open it up you get a long loading time and a blank page as result. With only the background shown. There is no header...
  4. Shimei

    Ajax Threads for VB 5.1.5

    Hi, I was wondering whether Ajax threads has been tested on vb 5.1.5? I was considering purchasing it.
  5. M

    Bug QuickReply - double post

    Since version 1.4.1 we have a very strange problem. With normal browsers like firefox and internet explorer quick reply works also with full ajax support. When we use an iOS device with Safari we get a full postback without AJAX and since 1.4.1 we have then the post twice. When we upload all...
  6. Morrus

    Feature Request SEO Effects

    What are the SEO effects of forum tabs? I tried out a different tab mod at one point, but had to remove it because the AJAX tabs meant that search engine spiders could not reach the forum content. Traffic plummeted. I see this one is AJAX, too? Does it suffer from the same issue, or can...
  7. 007

    Bug Issue with Ajax

    Hi, I have a custom AJAX solution on my site that I coded myself. It updates every minute and shows latest posts. The links to these posts show the correct SEO'd urls at first, but once it updates they link to the default vBulletin urls instead. From a purely visual standpoint, this isn't an...
  8. S

    Bug Credits show 0 when posts update via AJAX threads

    When new posts show up through AJAX threads (the mod by you guys), credit displays 0. Refreshing the page correctly numbers the credit display. How do you fix this?
  9. mikez006

    Bug Forums aren't listed

    When I click a tab it lists all the Forum Categories, but doesn't list any of the actual forums within the categories. My forum has 500+ forums, so I'm not sure if this is an issue with too many forums or not. Cat 1 Title - Post Count Cat 2 Title - Post Count Cat 3 Title - Post Count
  10. XERQ

    Question JQuery Version Upgrade

    Hi there, Is it possible to remove the JQuery 1.7.2 and replace it with version 2.0.3? We're adding additional functionality to the site that requires JQuery 2.0.3, and running multiple versions of JQuery can make things problematic so I wanted to ask if it's supported. Thank you for your time.
  11. I

    Bug vbactivity 3.1.4

    Database Error vbactivity 3.1.4 We are running into an issues with the activity feed part of vbactivity, When a user clicks the activity feed we end up getting a database error so we recently disabled the activity feed and haven't gotten a database error since then. Any Idea's on what the issue...
  12. R

    Question List for files to exclude?

    Is there a list for all that files we should exclude from rewriting? Yesterday i found out that the relative url for my .css war rewritten wrong, now i am afraid that more inludes int the source will be wrong. I am shure that this problem was solved many times before, so i ask if there is a list...
  13. iraqiboy90

    Bug Post content refreshes on clicks

    Hello This "bug" is specially annoying when watching a youtube video linked in the post. When clicking the like/thank button, the post seem to refresh, causing the youtube player to stop&rewind. This thing has been always there, but since I now bought it, it seems more appropriate to report...
  14. H

    Bug View shoutbox shouts without permission

    Hello, I set these usergroups to NO to see the shoutbox see below as this is an intended for use for staff But with a simple click to here http://thegamingsource.com/vbshout.php?type=shouts&do=ajax&action=fetch&instanceid=1&tabid=shouts And you can see the staff box shouts.
  15. K

    Bug ARABIC texts not show

    arabic text or unicode texts not showed in preview for example: تست
  16. C

    Question Live Wall Stopped Updating

    A couple days ago I noticed the livewall forum block stopped updating. Even on a new page load it still is showing data that's several hours behind. Only after a refresh, will it show the latest information....and often on the next page visit, it reverts. The only thing I think that has...
  17. R

    Bug Stuck at loading and messages are reflecting back!!!

    This is a newly installed forum and has no plugins. The shoutbox is stuck at loading and when a message is entered, it disappears from the text box and appears again in the text box!!!! What could be the problem?
  18. Nirjonadda

    Bug Mentions not work with Unicode

    Mentions not work with Unicode Bengali Fonts. ex: @পীরবাবা
  19. M

    Feature Request Hashes do not support other languages!

    Hello, I purchase the Pro Version and it works perfectly, but what disappointed me is that #Hash_tags do not support other languages, such as Arabic, Hindi, Japanese and Chinese. #هاش #ハッシュタグ #包括 #हैशटैग Are you planning to fix this or is it impossible to achieve? Cheers.
  20. B

    Question Unable to upload XML during installation. -> XML Error: "No error at Line 0"

    Unable to upload XML during installation. -> XML Error: "No error at Line 0" Hi, I am having problems with the latest version of the advanced user tagging. When I go to upload the XML version for v3, I keep getting this error: XML Error: "No error at Line 0". I have re-downloaded several...