1. Mantis

    Feature Request Sticky Thread at Recent Threads Panel

    Sometimes we have threads we want people to see. But sometimes members don't bother reading any notifications at the header of the forum. I imagine many would just hit the "End" key and scroll to the bottom to find the latest threads. It's what I do, anyway. Being able to specify a specific...
  2. T

    Bug Bookmark post doesn't work unless Bookmark Thread is also enabled.

    I wanted to have Can Bookmark Threads set to No and Can Bookmark Posts set to Yes, but when doing so, despite the bookmark icon/button showing on posts, it doesn't do anything when clicked. If I set Can Bookmark Threads back to Yes then the bookmark post icon/button does work. My skin is...
  3. M

    Question updated needed: for not charged user for edit their own threads

    URGENT: updated needed: for not charged user for edit their own threads. can you please update this mods not to charge user for edit their own threads since it's not right to charge them again. thank you
  4. M

    Question revert credit

    question : when i create a charge per post example if i make it charge $10 to post a new threads and if the user delete or request to delete the threads will $10 go back to their account?
  5. hakkuo23

    Feature Request Thread Bump Max Date

    We are getting some complaints about users bumping threads that are 3 years old. I'm wondering if we could get an option where I can choose the max time from today that a thread could be bumped. So for example, I make it 6 months. Only threads posted in the last 6 months can be bumped. I...
  6. K

    Question Parse MENTION in vbcms new threads module?

    Hello, We have an issue where on the vbcms in the new threads module the MENTION bbcode is not being parsed so it just shows [MENT ION=21855]**username**[/MENTI ON] Is there a way to have this parsed correctly? Thank you!
  7. M

    Feature Request Edit own Threads without Fees & Withdrawals options

    1. in-hope the team will add the features to allow not to charge user each time they're editing their own threads? example: when a user create a new threads it will cost $10 based on the setting or CHARGED inside the Threads Event and i would like an open to click or something would allow for...
  8. R

    Question transporting non vbanswer question to vbanswer

    Is there a way to transport the non vbanswer threads to vbanswer threads? In my forum people post non vbanswer questions also, so i wanted to force them to only post vbanswer questions
  9. hakkuo23

    Bug Rediculous Queries when viewing threads

    The Shop addon is making huge amounts of queries when viewing threads and it's slowing down my site. It's doing updates for people with an empty serialized string and selecting large amounts of data. Can this be fixed please? Thanks!
  10. dev101

    Bug Issue where users can view quotes from private sections on other users' profiles.

    Hi, this is regarding DragonByte Tech: Advanced User Tagging (Pro). I have an issue on the forum where there is a help section with the following permissions for registered users: Can View Forum: Yes Can View Thread Content: Yes Can View Others' Threads: No This section is mainly for reported...
  11. S

    A couple of questions

    I am interested in both vB Optimise and the SEO Mods .. Do i need to buy both or would the SEO sort the Optimise bit? Also would i be able to use the same url's for posts, threads etc? Ta ..
  12. A

    Question Just a quick question.

    Its been a several years since I tried VBshout, I uninstalled it due to load issues however I thought I'd give it another shot and must say its come a long way. One thing that several of my users has asked, is there an option that limits new post/thread notifications to the notification tab? I...
  13. B

    Bug Ajax threads causes credits to zero when edit post

    After refreshing - ajax threads - credits show 0 and also arcade throphies in posbit dissapear when editing some post. regards bosss
  14. Fillip H.

    Advanced Post Thanks / Like v3.4.0 Released

    Hey all, We're releasing Advanced Post Thanks / Like v3.4.0 in order to add features requested by the community. We have added a block above the post list on Show Thread and thread list on Forum Display showing the total amount of clicks each button has received. This can be globally disabled...
  15. CharlieDelta

    Bug Test Newsletter Has Extremely High Number of Threads

    I just tested out the test newsletter (thank you for adding that) and it literally has 100's if not 1000's of threads in the newsletter. Is this indicative of what the first newsletter will send? If so, this may be counterproductive as it will be information overload along with outdated threads...
  16. Fillip H.

    DragonByte Raffles v1.2.3 Released

    Hey all, We're releasing DragonByte Raffles v1.2.3 in order to implement features requested by the community. If you like the product you can show your support by nominating it for mod of the month here: DragonByte Raffles v1 (vB4) - Forum, and also please rate it to help cancel...
  17. Fillip H.

    New Mod: DragonByte Newsletter v1.0.0 Released

    Hey all, We're proud to present the newest modification in our lineup; DragonByte Newsletter! There has been a big demand for a well crafted, supported and continuously updated automated Newsletter mod, and DragonByte Technologies is here to deliver. Feature packed from day one, we have grand...
  18. Fillip H.

    Forum Live Feed & User Wall v1.2.8 Released

    Hey all, We're releasing Forum Live Feed & User Wall v1.2.8 in order to add functionality requested by our community. The "Posts" and "Threads" content types now support Thread Prefixes. If you like the product you can show your support by nominating it for mod of the month here: Forum Live...
  19. Fillip H.

    DragonByte SEO v2.0.1 Released

    Hey all, Hot on the heels of the successful Gold launch of DragonByte SEO v2, we're releasing DragonByte SEO v2.0.1 in order to add requested features as well as improving the graphs displayed in the DBSEO CP. Images posted in threads will now use the thread's title as their "alt" attribute...
  20. Ryan Persad

    Bug New posts are not showing up in threads

    So I was just informed that new posts made to threads are not showing up. When going to the thread to view the latest post it does not show up but only shows up if i reload the page or clear the cache in the browser. If i disable this mod everything works well and when i enable it the problem...