Bug Issue where users can view quotes from private sections on other users' profiles.

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Hi, this is regarding DragonByte Tech: Advanced User Tagging (Pro).

I have an issue on the forum where there is a help section with the following permissions for registered users:

Can View Forum: Yes
Can View Thread Content: Yes
Can View Others' Threads: No

This section is mainly for reported posts, but users can also create help threads that should be private to them only, so only they can see their threads, and only they (and mods) can reply to their threads in that section.

However, whenever they quote someone or are quoted in there, the quote tab on their profile shows posts from this section. When outside users click on the topic they cannot enter it and see more (no permission), but still it is not ideal in terms of privacy that this activity can be seen outside.

Is there any way to fix that? Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Fillip H.

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I'm going to be internally testing changes that would show the "-=Hidden=-" placeholder in place of the actual information over the weekend and most likely release a new version Monday :)


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Hello again Fillip H., thanks for the update.

The update was installed but there now seems to be an issue where all quotes and mentions appear to be hidden on most or all public sections for all users.

The only quotes I was able to see in my own profile were when I quoted someone/was myself quoted in a topic that I created, within a private section. All quotes in public sections are hidden though.

Any idea what might be causing that?


DragonByte Technologies

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Hello dev101,

This ticket has now been closed with the status Fixed.

We hope your issue or question has been addressed to your satisfaction. If not, please feel free to re-open it by clicking this link.

If you have any further issues or questions, please feel free to start a new support ticket via the button at the top of every page.

Thank you!
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