1. Shimei

    Ajax Threads for VB 5.1.5

    Hi, I was wondering whether Ajax threads has been tested on vb 5.1.5? I was considering purchasing it.
  2. m7shsh

    Question Redirect deleted threads

    Hello Any way to redirect deleted threads to 404 html page via DBSEO ? example for deleted thread ãäÊÏíÇÊ ÇáãÓÇÝÑæä ÇáÚÑÈ google webmaster tools crewel error show me in 404 I have 150000 threads not found any suggestion how to fix it ?
  3. M

    Question 2 questions

    1. is how to change user who create poll threads? 2. don't see award images in postbit :(
  4. R

    Question Buttons in closed threads

    Hi. in closed threads, all buttons are disabled in thread posts for users. But admins can use them. How can I enable buttons in closed threads for all users? Thanks.
  5. m7shsh

    Question Need redirect 301 for threads

    Hello more than 5K threads and posts links like that ãäÊÏíÇÊ ÇáãÓÇÝÑæä ÇáÚÑÈ and like that Can you give me 301 redirect to html pages like this ãäÊÏíÇÊ ÇáãÓÇÝÑæä ÇáÚÑÈ thanks
  6. R

    Question Cannot disable specefic button on threads

    Hi. I have like and thanks buttons both enabled. I want to show only thanks button on thread posts. So I checked the "threads" on "Disable Integration" at like button management. but still like button shows. Another sections are okay, but just threads didn't follow this rule. also, in...
  7. bzcomputers

    Bug After latest hotfix new downloads are also no longer creating new threads

    After applying the latest hotfix which involved fixing updated downloads from creating new threads, now new downloads also do not create new threads. I've created about 6 new downloads since the last hotfix, none of which created a new thread.
  8. CharlieDelta

    Bug Thread Mileston Announcement Error

    So it seems that every time I make a post the shoutbox is announcing my milestone of 750 threads. I have since made more threads so the announcement will most likely stop but in the mean time it does look like a bug.
  9. Fillip H.

    vBDownloads v2.4.4 Released

    Hey all, We're releasing vBDownloads v2.4.4 in order to add a frequently requested feature; "Favourite Downloads" update notifications. If you like the product you can show your support by nominating it for mod of the month here: vBDownloads v2 [AJAX] (vB4) - Forum or here...
  10. Fillip H.

    vBShout v6.2.7 Released

    Hey all, We're releasing vBShout v6.2.7 in order to address feedback received for our new "Private Support Ticket" system. Threads posted in forums where the user can't see others' threads will no longer show up in the Shoutbox for other users. If you like the product you can show your...
  11. Fillip H.

    InfoPanels v2.2.1 Released

    Hey all, We're releasing InfoPanels v2.2.1 in order to address feedback received for our new "Private Support Ticket" system. Threads posted in forums where the user can't see others' threads will no longer show up for other users in any thread- or post-related blocks. If you like the product...
  12. Roberto Buonanno

    Feature Request Allow Delete but not Edit

    I want to know if there's a function to allow users to delete their threads but don't edit them :)
  13. CharlieDelta

    Bug Content Tags Not Being Added To Threads

    I just noticed that content tags are not being added to threads. Here is an example; Draw length matters! BTW -Fillip H. your login credentials are still good for admin access if you would like to look.
  14. S

    Feature Request Date-Time cutoff for threads

    The Slider needs a feature to set a date cutoff for threads it pulls into the display. For example, if I select the "most viewed" or "most replied" threads, it shows the most viewed or most replied threads OF ALL TIME. This makes for a slider that is not going to change very often, or display...
  15. mikez006

    Feature Request delete thread item?

    Is this a physical delete or a soft delete? On my forum we don't delete threads, but instead move them to a private junk forum. Is there a way to move threads to a designated forum? I want to offer members a delete option, but not actually delete the threads, just move them to this private forum.
  16. Bullmama DeLano

    Question Questions! Google Keywords, Crawl Errors, Meta Tags & Descriptions, rel=nofollow

    I've been doing a lot of checking into webmaster tools, and I notice the keyword content for my forums, the way google sees it, is pretty lousy! Many of the keywords are in the postbit display or footer (examples are: posts, threads, vbulletin, profile, avatar, private, location, country...
  17. M

    Feature Request Keywords and Descriptions for Forums

    Hi, I really like the way that I can edit threads to have my own Keywords and Descriptions for individual threads. I wondered if you could add the ability to have your own keywords and descriptions on a per forum basis? Is this something that is already possible? have I missed something...
  18. Mokonzi

    DragonByte Classifieds v2.0.0 Alpha/Beta Update Threads

    Here are the update threads that detail the changes, etc:
  19. Bullmama DeLano

    Question Crawl Errors from Google

    Obviously since installing DBSEO I am received thousands of crawl errors, and since I can only delete 1000 at a time I've been slowly marking them as "fixed". As the weeks have passed, however, I noticed I am still getting crawl errors from new rewritten threads. However, these threads were...
  20. H

    Bug Sitemap generating threads from invisible boards

    I post this like a bug, because since I have changed from vbseo to dbseo in webmaster tools appears a lot of errors (example in the form), that are threads from invisible boards, and of course google cannot access them. It retrives error 403. Is it possible that dbseo sitemap is sending these...