1. ringnews24

    Question vBShout

    Is there anyway to set the shoutbox to staff members only?
  2. V

    Question Shoutbox on other pages?

    Hey, I am wanting to display the shoutbox on my main forum page instead of the homepage that is using XenPorta, I know I have to disable the 'Auto-Display Shoutbox' setting and I have read the instructions on adding code to a template but I am completely confused! What code do I add to what...
  3. B

    Question no smilies button

    . HI ! title I've installed vBShout (vB5) v6.1.0a8 lite but cant see the smiles button/icon to add them in the shout message it a NO feature of the shoutbox or is there a way to get it up ?? thank you !
  4. R

    Bug Just Loading

    Hello, I have used your products many many many times in the past and never ever had an issue like this. I have even used them on Themes like I am using now with no issues. The shoutbox just sits at loading in the box. If I go to default style it's fine, but when I use my PurvB style it just...
  5. O

    Bug Shoutbox distorted

    Hello, I have installed the addon for the first time, but the shoutbox is displayed incorrectly. Here a screen: It is the standard style of vBulletin, only the colors have been changed. I have no url, since I test it on an internal...
  6. H

    Bug Timestamp Vb 5.2.5

    I have the Problem that the Time is not showing up in the Shoutbox. It is only showing "[H:i]" VB 5.2.5 vBShout (vB5) v6.1.0a8 Greetings
  7. R

    Question Disable showing forum PM notifications in vBShout.

    example: [PM to richTV] I wish to not see these as it seems like clutter if someone sends me a forum PM or if I send a forum PM. Not referring to a shoutbox PM. I just don't want to see the notifications in the shoutbox if a forum PM is sent. As of now, all I do is delete that "shout" in the...
  8. San

    Bug shout box keeps loading

    upgraded to DragonByte Shout v7.1.0 now when I set Auto-Display Shoutbox to Disabled and set <!--XFSHOUT.instance1--> to any template. I get the loading in the shoutbox seen here. Files are set to CHMOD 777
  9. Tariq7

    Shoutbox problem

    I purchase the shoutbox and installed it on my site my site is a version 5.2.2 when I installed it a cause my sidebar to drop to the bottom of the site I talked to vbulletin Tech and they say these problems because of the shoutbox is there any solution to this problem so I can get my sidebar...
  10. CharlieDelta

    Bug Shoutbox Not Loading

    Just upgraded to latest version for the jquery fix and now the shoutbox is stuck on loading. Much like what happened before.
  11. M

    Feature Request IP & Search functions

    - In the VSA chatbox, these settings appears when you clicked on a username in the archive section: I want these 3 to also be in this shoutbox when I click a username in the archive section: - View all messages posted by X user. - Go to last message posted by X user. - The IP address to show...
  12. Tariq7


    I just purchase the InfoPanels when I try to download it give me the shoutbox instead can you please give me some help with this please.
  13. Tariq7

    vBShout v6

    Hi When I try to upload the shoutbox why do I get this error message and what can I do to load the shoutbox without this error? Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '[' in /home/hapi/public_html/dbtech/vbshout/includes/global.php on line 77 I would like to buy this product but will it work...
  14. P

    Question Does this shoutbox have all VSA chatbox features too?

    Can this shoutbox do the following in the PRO version (basically everything VSA Chatbox does): - Allow users to change the px of the font size. - Have 'status' appear. - Have a quick search box. - An option to remove all text formatting (just for that specific user) - Change the input box...
  15. Xar

    Question Possible to call it in a template?

    Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to call this script in a template so it would show up at the page (an example would be the forums)? Like, the shoutbox can be called with {vb:raw show.vbshout_instance1}, is it possible with this too? Thanks in advance! - XaR
  16. J

    Question VBShout Lite template/style messed up

    Hello, I installed VBShout yesterday on a test site and it looked and functioned fine, I then made the test forum live by changing the "testforums" to "forums" and changed cookie prefixes. Everything looks fine except for the Shoutbox, I've tried to repair cache in the vbshout options, re-import...
  17. R

    Bug Shoutbox upload failed

    To whom it may concern, With the permission from the lead administrator I assisted him with the upload of files for the DB-Tech shoutbox on his server for the vBulletin website, upon the installation process threw the plugin & products section of the admin panel it loaded all the tables within...
  18. W

    Bug Shoutbox notifications issue

    OK, We have got the latest Shoutbox installed with the notification feature. But we found it irritating when the shoutbox keeps pushing the notifications for old chats or chats that are already read. Kindly fix this issue at the earliest. Kindly make it no more notifications for the chats that...
  19. Fillip H.

    vBShout v6.2.14 Released

    Hey all, We're releasing vBShout v6.2.14 in order to implement Desktop Notifications. If you like the product you can show your support by nominating it for mod of the month here: vBShout v6 [AJAX] (vB4) - Forum or here vBShout v6 [AJAX] (vB3) - Forum, and also...
  20. Fillip H.

    DragonByte Shout v7.0.0 Release Candidate 1 Released

    Hey all, We're releasing DragonByte Shout v7.0.0 Release Candidate 1 for XenForo in order to implement Desktop Notifications. If you like the product you can show your support by reviewing it here: [DBTech] DragonByte Shout v7 [Lite] | xenForo Community or here: [DBTech] DragonByte Shout v7...