1. J

    Bug Rating Stars not working

    The ratings star system for a Review arent clickable & arent working, have tested with a default style to rule that out as being a issue
  2. R

    Bug Just Loading

    Hello, I have used your products many many many times in the past and never ever had an issue like this. I have even used them on Themes like I am using now with no issues. The shoutbox just sits at loading in the box. If I go to default style it's fine, but when I use my PurvB style it just...
  3. J

    Bug Blank pages in mobile style

    Hello. In default mobile style, profile and friends pages are not shown (blank pages). When i disable the mod, everything runs fine. The console shows: Uncaught TypeError: $(...).textinput is not a function at HTMLDivElement.<anonymous>...
  4. Alan_SP

    Legacy Cookie Control doesn't work with default mobile style

    I just noticed that cookie control doesn't work on Main Mobile Style. I have three skins, dartho's alternative mobile style and main style work just fine (I see cookie control). But, for some reason I don't see it on Main Mobile Style. I need to force this style for mobile users to make site...
  5. Fillip H.

    [XenForo] DragonByte Shop v4.0.0 Beta 1 Released!

    Hey all, DragonByte Technologies is proud to present our second modern xenForo modification; DragonByte Shop v4.0.0! This is a re-write of our existing vBShop product, focusing on feature parity with our existing vB3/vB4 version. You can find the product information here: DragonByte Shop...
  6. A

    Question Thanks tabels

    How to put tabels in the information user "Thanks" and separate like the another information:
  7. Bullmama DeLano

    Bug forum.php redirects to home page on Firefox and Mobile Style

    Very strange, but cannot get forum.php to work on firefox and mobile style from firefox all lead to the home page. Works on IE, safari and chrome.....? Could this be a cache issue? Thanks
  8. Fillip H.

    DragonByte Newsletter v1.1.0 Released

    Hey all, We're releasing DragonByte Newsletter v1.1.0 in order to implement changes requested by our community. If you like the product you can show your support by nominating it for mod of the month here: DragonByte Newsletter v1 (vB4) - Forum, and also please rate it to help...
  9. Fillip H.

    DragonByte SEO v2.0.10 Released

    Hey all, We're releasing DragonByte SEO v2.0.10 in order to resolve issues reported by the community. If you like the product you can show your support by nominating it for mod of the month here: DragonByte SEO v2 (vB4) - Forum or here: DragonByte SEO v2 (vB3) -
  10. Fillip H.

    DragonByte SEO v2.0.6 Released

    Hey all, We're releasing DragonByte SEO v2.0.6 in order to add further features to the alerts system added to a previous version of DragonByte SEO. There are now alerts to notify you if you have not yet fully enabled the Google Analytics integration in DBSEO. Completing all the steps allows...
  11. G

    Bug Category navigation is missing in mobile style

    Hello, with dbseo addon enabled there is a bug using the mobile style. The navigation layer, that usually appears when clicking on the thread title (showthread.php) and is used to get back to categories above, is gone. This layer is generated by vbulletin-mobile.js. Maybe there are some...
  12. T

    Question How can I change the colors?

    What style var I change the color? Thanks
  13. O

    Question Regaining Default Font Color

    Hi. Here's my problem. A user has asked me how can they return their font color back to the default color of the style, and I can't find how to do so without turning off font colors for all users. In vbulletin's default color editor there is an "automatic" button above all the other font colors...
  14. 1quicksi

    Question Default style messed up...

    I am not sure which one of these broke my site.... Tonight I decided to upgrade 3 modules. I was 1 version behind so thought nothing of it. [DBTech] DragonByte SEO v2.0.0b3 [DBTech] Advanced Post Thanks Like v3.3.1pl1 [DBTech] vB Optimise v2.6.2 After doing each upgrade I went back tot he...
  15. Fillip H.

    vBShop v3.2.1 Patch Level 2 Released

    Hey all, We're releasing vBShop v3.2.1 Patch Level 2 in order to fix an issue with the "User Title Style" item. If you like the product you can show your support by nominating it for mod of the month here: vBShop v3 (vB4) - Forum or here vBShop v3 (vB3) - Forum...
  16. I

    Question Undo Username Style Markup/Other Items

    Hey all, I've been having a bit of an issue recently with the profile customization items. In particular, and so far, the username style and change options. I've noticed that if a member tries to change their username it will go through, but if they purchase another "Change Username" item, and...
  17. K

    Question Thanks Bar style

    How to setting Thanks Bar style different from posthead? For example, color.
  18. Grumpy

    Question Buy Now black out

    I created a darker vB4 style with the vB style generator and for some reason the buy now button is black out. It's a little odd since the watch item right below displays just fine. Can you point me in the direction to look? Thanks
  19. P

    Bug Styles upgrade (product installation) results in .CSS file missed

    We have detected an issue in our product vb-optimise. We have activated the styles caching, and when we trying to upload a product upgrade and vbOptimize product doesn’t seem to have any way to realize the entire style vbulletin is rebuilt. Then, the in front page is still caching the old css...
  20. B

    Question How fix borders

    Hello Please som help - how fix those 2 red borders in tf_ideal dark style - see attachment. regards bosss