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I just noticed that cookie control doesn't work on Main Mobile Style.

I have three skins, dartho's alternative mobile style and main style work just fine (I see cookie control). But, for some reason I don't see it on Main Mobile Style. I need to force this style for mobile users to make site compatible for Google.

What should I do? I guess it should work just out-of-the box?

EDIT: Just checked, everything that should be in footer template of that style is still there, I added some stuff, but didn't removed anything. If there's some hook, or something that should go there, please tell me.

It looks to me that cookie control hooks to footer template, but it doesn't hook in Main Mobile Style. :(

EDIT2: I see it is hooked to copyright in the footer, that part works.
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Due to how unpopular vB's mobile style is, there's no support for the mobile style at this time, sorry.
Problem is, Default Mobile Style is something Google accepts for making vBulletin mobile compatible, I tried with dartho's style, Google won't accept it. And Google penalizes sites that aren't mobile compatible. So I need to send mobile users to Default Mobile Style, even if I myself don't use it and don't like it.

Is there a way to make Cookie Control work with Default Mobile Style? Some piece of code to hook into it? Into what it hooks in main style?

I need to comply with EU cookie law on mobile style also, don't I?
That would be helpful.

Maybe also some smaller version of cookie consent would be great, as mobile devices has smaller screens, when you work on it.

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