1. J

    Question Does the "welcome" activity work with additional usergroups?

    Does the "welcome" activity work when a user is given an additional usergroup, or do they need to change their primary? I tried testing and it seems like it does when you manually put them in it, but then I couldn't get it to work when a promotion gave them the additional group. But the...
  2. K

    Question vbulletin 4.2.5 DragonByte SEO Lite problem

    DragonByte SEO Lite vBulletin 4.2.5 version does not work , disabled plugin plugin when the plugin is active vBulletin 4.2.3 version does not work vBulletin 4.2.5 version does not work please help
  3. P

    Question does 2fa work now?

    hello, trying to get this to work i see you updated it since my last try..... still doesnt seem to work for me... no options, nothing in config.php......yes im super admin etc etc all the basics same as before... there is a basic settings option for the version info and affliliate...
  4. D

    Feature Request Need mailto links to work from the forum ads product

    I have some advertisers that just want (or need) a mailto link instead of a http link. This currently doesn't work in the forum ads product. Really it should support that kind of link so I am requesting it.
  5. K

    Xenforo DragonByte MMO Skin

    Hello, I want to purchase the DragonByte MMO Skin for Xenforo however the version is a little dated. Does this skin work for 1.5.11? or is it likely to be upgraded? Likewise will it work across my forum including on addons such as XenPorta 2?
  6. C

    testing hashtag

    #vbulletin doesn't seem to work :( how do you create hashtags?
  7. A

    Question Possible to integrate points system with vbClassifieds?

    I am looking for a store with physical/shippable goods that I can incorporate a points system (like vbExperience). I am still in the process of developing and launching the site so flexible as long as I can get this to work. Possible for vbClassifieds to work with a custom created currency?
  8. S

    Bug Default notification not working

    I don't want this bar in the bottom, I want the normal notification: but when I set it to yes, it won't work... there is nothing. Just when I create one manually.
  9. X

    Question redirects partially work

    Hi, I have the vb suite installed at: The following urls redirect correctly to the HTTPS:// versions: However: does not redirect to HTTPS:// In my htaccess (located in...
  10. A

    Bug header1 position is not working on the CMS

    Header1 seems to only work on the forum pages. Any idea on what could cause this and how to fix? I will not work on the CMS.
  11. B

    Question Turn off vBulletin similar search options?

    I've installed this with thanks and it appears successful... However, do I need to uncheck (turn OFF) the vBulletin "similar thread search" functions in two different AdminCP places that were already running, in order for Recommended Threads mod to work, or can I just leave the settings ON for...
  12. Alan_SP

    Question Do I need to categorize all additional cookies?

    I noticed that program found a lot new, uncategorized cookies. Do I need to categorize them all, or they also work just fine when users accept cookies? If I need to categorize them, what are best option to categorize them to make everything work fine for forum and users?
  13. Alan_SP

    Feature Request Cookie Control doesn't work with default mobile style

    I just noticed that cookie control doesn't work on Main Mobile Style. I have three skins, dartho's alternative mobile style and main style work just fine (I see cookie control). But, for some reason I don't see it on Main Mobile Style. I need to force this style for mobile users to make site...
  14. S

    Question Not working vBQuiz

    Hi As you see in the URL I sent in that box, I can't use vBQuiz. Permissions are set properly, but I can't use this product. I also have read the user manual, but did not work. Help me more
  15. Tariq7

    Need a donation box that will work on 5.2.5 vbulletin

    Hi I'm trying to find the donation box that will work with vbulletin 5.2.5 Version I tried one last time and it didn't work properly do you have one that works that I can also test as well as buy thank you.
  16. yeicov10

    Question I need help with url

    Hi I downloaded the DragonByte SEO Lite v2.0.36 free version to test it in my site. I have been configuring it but i don´t like that the the thread url appears with .html It is possible to remove .html using .htaccess? Mi configuration is: Sorry for my english. Thanks for the work.
  17. K

    Bug Have Post templates work with Mentions?

    Hello, Is it possible to have the post templates work with the Mentions mod? Testing it out and creating some templates and notice using the @ Username doesn't link to the username. Thank you!
  18. H

    Bug search ip addresses doesn't work

    With VBSecurity installed, the search IP address function in AdminCP doesn't work. I disabled the mod and now it functions. Seems like a bug. We need that function to search for dupes.
  19. Z

    Question Hash tags no longer submitting as links with Google Chrome or IE (only with Firefox)

    Well, I got to experimenting with the hash tags this morning... they don't get used very often. Our forum is small and there's not much inclination among its members to use hash tags. But I would nonetheless like them to work properly. They used to work fine with each of the browsers named...
  20. S

    Question Any issues with FF 46.0.1

    I am currently using VSA forum stats - Statistics Modifications - VSa - Advanced Forum Statistics (AJAX) - Forum I am interested in switching over to your lifetime version instead, as I am running into alignment issues with Firefox's latest update, and there is no support anymore...