1. A

    Feature Request Is it possible to have exact rewrites in DBSEO as in vbseo?

    Sorry if posted in wrong section, As in topic. Is it possible to have exact rewrites as vbseo? How much for such service? Cheers!
  2. ClaFV

    Question Scored Quiz Submission Post Type

    I have the versione PRO The function REPLY in Scored Quiz Submission Post Type not work with "reply" the post is not created under the topic with correct object with "new" creates each time a new topic but it is not what I want! Thanks for support
  3. E

    Feature Request Prefix

    Hello. Is it possible to use prefixes to Showhtread pages? example: Topic: Is Windows 10 good? Prefix: Question New URL:
  4. Eden

    Bug Page refresh issue

    Hello, I have an issue with Ajax Thread. Every time the page refresh automatically with the mod Ajax Thread, the forum's topic selection disappears. This is the original view, when you log on the page: This is what you see once the page automatically refresh: To solve this issue I have to...
  5. H

    Bug Buttons seen.Click result is nothing

    I have installed the mod properly. Everythins is set as it should work but my buttons dont act as needed. I click on all 3 buttons but nothing happens.I have read all topic in this category to solve the problem but everything is in order. What do you recommend us ? Thanks.
  6. H

    Bug 1.3.6 upgrade has caused breadcrumbs to dissapear

    When we installed 1.3.6 yesterday, we lost the Breadcrumbs in the upper left hand corner of the screen. When I shut off the mod, the breadcrumbs reappear. It's missing the "forum -> official degrees -> topic"(or what ever the links were) link chain that you can use to navigate back. And its...
  7. H

    Bug Linked Posts Not Working

    We have encountered two bugs. When quoting specific linked posts. such as this: Typology Central If the user is set up with 100 posts per page, it works fine. But for members with less than that (like 10), instead of taking you to the post, it takes you to the first post at the top of page...
  8. Nirjonadda

    Feature Request Remember Me On This Computer

    please can you add option Remember Me On This Computer?
  9. M

    Question Displaying other Members and Cron Job Help

    HI there I have installed the product on the website, however am battling with other users logged in showing their location. I can only see my pin on the map. I have checked the user groups as well as the schedule tasks. I see someone else battled with this topic as well in this thread...
  10. Q

    Question Option Manage Keywords

    Hello Filip: a question. In the "Manage Keywords" what do you advice? is helpful to enter keywords? And if so, what kind of keywords? General ones regarding the main topic of the forum and already included in the general settings of Vbulletin?
  11. V


    Hi And 'possible to tie vBAnswers to individual forums, and every time you open a new topic in a forum appears new answear box? Thanks
  12. Z

    Feature Request two ideas important improvement

    Hello Team I'd like to introduce two ideas * The first comes from vBDownloads It just add the same progress bar because the images are becoming heavier. and wait without information is not pleasant. * The second improvement is to move the categories in the selection system with a...
  13. O

    Feature Request Advanced Post Thanks / Like 3.2.5 Lite + HDE BBcode?

    Hi mate, I am testing for my forum in my PC new system vBulletin 4.2.2. I have installed MOD "Advanced Post Thanks / Like 3.2.5 Lite" It is great free MOD, no doubt about it. In the topic in the section "Feature List" you...
  14. madmaxmangos

    Bug vB Optimise and xcache

    After a default install vB optimise and enabling of xcache I get this warning spammed in the header of pages: Warning: xcache_get(): XCache var cache was not initialized properly. Check php log for actual reason in ..../dbtech/vboptimise/includes/operators/xcache.php on line 23 Warning...
  15. O

    Bug Post Templates v1.6.1 PL1 - not work in vb 4.2.2

    Hi, I am testing for my forum in my PC new system vBulletin 4.2.2. I have installed yours MOD Post Templates v1.6.1 PL1. In the file "README - Installation or Upgrade.txt" is written, that it is necessary to alternate following templates: - editor_toolbar_on - showthread_quickreply -...
  16. madmaxmangos

    Github Commits Tracking

    Hey, With a many developers now using github it would be nice to have a vBulletin mod that is able to use the .atom (rss) files and display the latest commits to a github repository and load them into a single page. Currently my old site uses a simple HTML page to display these: getMaNGOS -...
  17. K

    Question Change URL's??

    I am trying to make my forum have SE optimized URL's and I cant not figure it out. For example how would I make the following URL's display their URL's based on the topic: topic: domain...
  18. Q

    Bug Problem with indexing individuals post

    Hi Fillip H., I have a problem with the indexing of individuals post. I try to explain better: If I enter, for example, on page 3 of a topic and I try to write the content on google 1) Alex è del Milan. Adebayor vicino. - Pagina 3 2) ma perché non volete ramì??? mettete una DECENTE accanto...
  19. J

    Question Performance question

    Hi Fillip H., sorry to bother you in another place but in my quest for vbseo removal I need to take care of thanks/vbseo likes. I've successfuly installed the lite version of the plugin and imported the vbseo likes. Recreated statistics and turned the plugin on. But the load on mysql server...
  20. A

    Bug Problem to edit image in a review. Only appear mine!

    Hi guys :) Juste to talk about a bug I think. I create a review with a user A, and uplaod some images I create an other review with a user B, and upload some images. The both are administrator, but when I edit the B's review, I can only put my image, and the same for the user B for the A's...