The "I MUST have it, but can't get it yet!" Thread!

Forever and until the end of time there will be things that we desire, and cannot get out hands on it just yet. So we sit, watch, longing to have it for our very own until that bright and shiny day that we lay claim to it!

This thread is to squeal about those things you can't wait to get your hands on, but are forced to!

....*grumblegrumble* I want my hands on Triple Triad so bad right now. D:< Stupid BILLS always having to come first!
a pc that doesnt take a fit when i try to open the internet every day and some new paintball gunz =D... can never have to may paintball gunz =)
I really want to be able to get a girl who will love me for me and stay by my side always. maybe thats to much to ask but i can always dream :)
I never thought I would ever desire a new toilet seat so bad. And yet, here I am wishing I could get to the store to purchase one so I don't have to sit on the old one that's only being held together with wads of duct tape.
I want Luigi's Mansion for GameCube, it's fucking hard to find, a new TV (a LED one), a new bed (a BIG one), and a new guitar (a GOOD one!) : )