1. Norman

    Feature Request Refresh also on forum home

    What do you think? A forum receive new posts daily and probably also on every second (if the forum is big), so wouldn't be cool to refresh also the forumhome or the forumdisplay automatically? So if is there a new post... or a new discussion has been created, you can see it directly without...
  2. mikez006

    Bug Forums aren't listed

    When I click a tab it lists all the Forum Categories, but doesn't list any of the actual forums within the categories. My forum has 500+ forums, so I'm not sure if this is an issue with too many forums or not. Cat 1 Title - Post Count Cat 2 Title - Post Count Cat 3 Title - Post Count
  3. D

    Bug New Install, Seemed all went normal and well BUT No Thanks, Like, Dislike Buttons

    I bought a couple of your add-ins and when I finished installing the first one "Advanced Posts Thanks/Likes" (I did every step of the install except I am running 4.2.2 and did not do the step 4 "Optional File Edit". In any case I believe it to have been installed correctly but I am not seeing...
  4. anicolac

    Question Time format error in Spanish language

    [solved] Time format error in Spanish language Hello. Does anyone know what files I need to modify to fix this? If I have selected the Spanish language, date / time, only one "r". url: Apple Maníacos with the English language, yes it looks good I thought it may come caused by...
  5. EasyEasy

    Bug Bids Not Registering

    After installing from the fix you gave I have set the modification up however im unable to bid. Screenshot is below.
  6. Nirjonadda

    Free Mod In Customer Area

    Please can you make it work Free Mod Show In Customer Area for which mod I am already downloaded?
  7. C

    Question Tapatalk and Thanks Mod

    I just noticed that Tapatalk 5.0.0 is supposed to support the thanks mod. So that's cool. :) But what I found when upgrading to Tapatalk 5.0.0, is that users are unable to view threads. They are getting this error: 'Call to a member function process _templates() on a non-object (showthread...
  8. EasyEasy

    Bug Freeze on install

    Hi all. Wanted to install this to try the auction feature you have built in. When installing I get this error and its freezes. Also tried an earlier version 1.1.1 but got the same freeze. Any help would be appreciated as im looking to purchase the pro version. Thanks in advance
  9. P

    Feature Request Remove Background

    Would it be possible to have the grey background removed from the button in an updated version? See image attached. Thanks!
  10. Vincent Polisi

    Advanced User Tagging Lite doesn't work in vB 5.1.0

    I want to purchase a lifetime license for Advanced User Tagging and uploaded the lite version to test it out prior to purchase. When trying to import the XML file, my only options are vb3 and vb4 from the download. When selecting the product-dbtech_usertag.xml file I get the following error...
  11. madmaxmangos

    Urgent - Entering Dragonbyte site via google results in warning page

    Hey, Searching your site from google comes back with your site on https. When I entered the site on chrome I got a big yellow warning screen because you're SSL cert has expired back in July last year... I expect anyone entering from google is seeing this because google is linking to -...
  12. Ozzy47

    Bug Cache Templates

    This only happens on one of my styles, when I have Cache Templates set to Yes, I get some js errors in firebug.
  13. sevenmix

    Question Does it works with tapatalk?

    Well thats my question, this works with tapatalk or you could bypass the authentication with it?
  14. Replicators


    I say VBCinema because i respect vbtube as a product, however the dev has pretty much stopped working on it and there is so much more he can do with it. He may have real life issues, and i have suggested to him several times to sell his work or something to continue with the product if he is...
  15. CharlieDelta

    Bug Percentage Number Missing in Folder Controls Message

    This is occurring on both of my sites. The percentage number is missing in the Folder Controls message for inbox space.
  16. Nirjonadda

    Feature Request Change Or Add Usergroup

    Please can you add option for Change Or Add Usergroup expired creation days ? How many day Usergroup Active. Ex: $5 = 7 Day , 30 Day $10 = 7 Day , 30 Day (Etc)
  17. Nirjonadda

    Bug Member Profile Tab

    If i go to member profile page, Its show me Mentions or Post Thanks / Like Tab , Why Not Open vb default Tab ? /members/3.html /members/25676.html /members/19598.html /members/15076.html
  18. C

    Bug Card Cash balance that disapear

    Mainly we run a big VB site with at least 15,000 active users over a 3 month period but we have many more members. The issue does not occur often if we look at total transactions done in a month. I would say since we installed in September 2013 VB 2.2.1, this is when the bug started, the balance...
  19. P

    Classifieds Suggestion

    I just wanted to say it'd be pretty cool if your classifieds mod could also integrate with a points column from the user table. Could be beneficial towards customers earning bonus points / rewards / coupons / gift cards etc all that stuff.
  20. heyzeus909

    Feature Request vBShout PM Notification

    If vBNotifications supported notifications for PM's in vBShout, it would improve the usability of vBShout PM's immensely. Imagine being notified through vBNotifications when you receive a new PM in vBShout. It would make messaging much more useful than even the messaging function inherent in...