1. T

    Question turn off out going quotes notification

    hi, this mod is useful but sometime it make me confused how do i turnoff myself quotes ( out going quotes ) in user navbar notification ? ( only showing notification when other user quotes my post) Thanks
  2. W

    Question Submenus similar to forum tab

    Hello support, Been awhile since I have messed with sites and am seeking a little help. With the VBNavTabs Pro version can we create a Menu tab with sub-links below the navbar like the forums tabbed? Below is a pic of what I am talking about. Thank you for your time and information.
  3. T

    Bug Adding code to navbar template to show instance everywhere not working.

    Just installed vbShout and setup instance1. Using the auto display 'after navbar' worked perfectly from the get-go to show the shoutbox on the forum home, but adding {vb:raw show.vbshout_instance1} to the navbar template and setting auto display to 'disabled' causes the shoutbox to not show at...
  4. W

    Question Removing Main Navbar link

    I would like to know how to disable the Main Navbar link in the Navbar, As I am running the vbAdvance CMPS when I am on my home page the link for the Gallery is highlighted as if I was on that actual link. I am running the default style for vBulletin. I looked in the Naviagtion Manager under...
  5. mikez006

    Question Navbar edit - change name + add icon

    Im trying to rename 'Currency' to 'Credits' and I want to add a small icon next to it like I have added for the other submenu items, but I'm unable to figure out how. I tried editing the credits_navtab template however no matter what I changed nothing happened.
  6. P

    Question Will not show below navbar, but will show above footer

    It will not show below the navbar, where I want it, but will show above footer... thanks. Edit: Shows now, had to clear the cache a few times... On a side comment, what does the button feature do? Not sure I understand. Thanks.
  7. EasyEasy

    Bug Menu Option Disappear

    Just added this back to my new version 4.2.2 and when disabling Enable Navbar Tab it also takes away the sub menu options to manage channels etc.
  8. Z

    Question Now to disable vbdownloads link in Navbar

    I am trying to figure out a way to disable the link in the navbar, and while there seems to be a way in V4.X, I can con figure it out in V 3.X. What am I missing?
  9. MajorKokosnuss

    Question Not showing/working

    Doesn't work for me i have added {vb:raw show.vbslider_instance1} to my navbar but nothing is showing
  10. GoodApples

    Question vBNavTabs menu templates

    New Theme / Style on site! How does vBNavTabs works with the menu templates !? How would I go about merging new Theme/Style customisations into the vBNavTabs or is there something I can insert into the style? I did read a few post about customizations in the Navbar template brought over to...
  11. Nirjonadda

    Breadcrumbs in Navbar

    Breadcrumbs in Navbar does not show forum and thread Info.
  12. R

    Question how to display selective credit-amount

    Hi would be pleased if u may help with following: wanna display user xy's credit-amount for ALL users (within navbar for example) how to? and if it´s not thaaat tricky it would be great if u could answer same question how to display forum xy postcount too hopefully my english is not...
  13. M

    Question Use diffrent style for every navbar

    Hi I used your navtabs pro for a year now, and it is doing well with me, but I want to do some tricks in my style to let every bar has its own style (color and other CSS things). Actually I'm using 2 navbars in my site, so is it possible, and it is, how I can do it? Thanks in advance.
  14. B

    Question Some questions

    Hello, Just some quick questions regarding the vBdownloads (PRO) product: How to disable bbcode in downloads overview ? Is there a french transaltion ? How to get access to the moderation panel ? (vbdownload.php?do=modcp). I've got actually this error when i click on ModCP in the navbar: How...
  15. Em Kay

    Bug Turning off Nav Bar

    In ACP, when choosing NO for the NavBar, after save it still appears on the site.
  16. C

    Question Live Wall Stopped Updating

    A couple days ago I noticed the livewall forum block stopped updating. Even on a new page load it still is showing data that's several hours behind. Only after a refresh, will it show the latest information....and often on the next page visit, it reverts. The only thing I think that has...
  17. M

    Bug Navbar 'Forum' tab will not work with dbSEO enabled

    When I enable dbSEO the 'Forum' tab will not work correctly. It is set to open forum.php but no matter what I do it seems to be pulling a variable or statement somewhere that is defaulting it to the root of the directory with no PHP file specified. I've made sure we are set to 'Standard' on...
  18. TheDionysos Pilou

    Question Desactivate tab "Reviews"

    Hello, I try DBTech Reviews Lite, but I don't know where I can disable the tab "Reviews" (writing "Critiques" in french for my personnal use) because this tab don't allow to view more than one instance. So I use another mod for this, but I want to disable the defaut tab: Can you help me...
  19. N

    Bug Mod will not re-activate after being deactivated in General Settings

    I disabled the mod in the General Settings so that I could figure out how to work the various settings. I had the "Coming back soon" message enabled. So this morning, I tried to reactivate it. I hit "YES" in the General Settings and went to the Tab in the NavBar. Still got the "Coming back...
  20. P

    Tab size control with vBNavTabs

    What kind of control is available for tab size, color, font size, location, etc? Are there particular limits to tab sizes? Is this mod used for this site? Thanks.