1. J


    Perfect Money is an Electronic Funds. Mostly people can’t upload $ with their credit card and debit card. There is good option to get perfect money. We offer to buy / Sell Perfect Money and other all Easy method. You can send fund with Western Union and Money gram visit this...
  2. mikez006

    Question Credits for real money?

    Currently members can use real money to buy credits, but is there a way for members to take their credits and request a cash payment?
  3. Mantis

    Bug Strange Random Transactions

    I haven't played around with this mod much, and I haven't relaunched my forum yet (old posts are there) so it's just me there. (Aside from a couple who have been testing out Triple Triad.) There hasn't been much activity in terms of transactions... except something I noticed... I thought the...
  4. natsu287

    Custom Money count/store add-on, and Thanks Feature

    I am currently using 5.1.1, but I will be downgrading to VB4!! 1) Is there a plugin I can add than can add a "Money" count to each user? So the more the user posts, the more "money" they get, then they can spend that money in a custom store that I add items to it, and then those items's appear...
  5. Mike Carter

    Question Reduce number of executions?

    Hi Love the product, forum wouldn't be without it. Slight problem - been getting a lot of warnings from my hosting company recently that I'm exceeding my monthly execution allowance. The Shoutbox is far and away the biggest offender unfortunately. Is there anything I can do to reduce the...
  6. Nirjonadda

    vBSEO Coming Back ?

    Does anyone know vBSEO is Returning ? vBSEO
  7. mikez006

    Question wrong Paypal email

    I could have sworn I posted this already. I'm not sure why it would be removed. I have 2 currencies setup, credits and cash (real money) and recently changed the Paypal email address on my forums. When someone deposit money via Paypal for "cash" the Paypal email address is wrong. The Paypal...
  8. V

    Question when it starts to count?

    Hello. A doubt more. When this starts to count? I've installed two days ago. I put 5 credits by post. But a user with 1000 post has 0 credits, not 5000. I think just being posted two days ago, does not take into account the previous post. Is that correct? Does not consider the past, before...
  9. D

    Feature Request Image Host Support and a couple other idea's

    1. Is there a way or can you add links to pictures so a person can use an image host (,, etc,etc,etc). I see the spot to upload from a website but it trys to load the picture to my server. Mainly so the picture is not taking up space on the my server. 2. Also is there a...
  10. Eden

    Hello from France

    Hello everyone, I've decided to register and buy some of the great Mods proposed by Dragonbyte-tech. Since I've bought a vBulletin licence, I was always hoping to gather enough money and buy some of the DB products (I purchased today and yesterday). There are still some other products I'm...
  11. K

    How Long Do I Have To Wait??

    Last night I purchased Advanced User Tagging. Paid for it through PayPal. It cleared my PayPal immediately. Is there somewhere else I have to go besides the Client Area to download it? All I see in there is: I am a bit surprised that it is still the same. What am I having to wait for? (yes...
  12. R

    Bug Absolutely abysmal performance

    We had extremely high hopes for this addon but it absolutely crippled our database. We have roughly 8 million 'thanks' in our system and upon activating this product, we went from 0% CPU usage on our DB server to 25% nearly instantly. Eventually the connections piled up and the database server...
  13. Replicators

    Dragonbyte Header Rewrite

    I am very interested in a header rewrite, and every rewrite i have tried will not work alongside vbnotifications. I would love to see something like "" I would even pay money for it if someone can do it which would not conflict with any...
  14. MaxLiao

    Bug My Donation Bar is Missing

    I went into the vBDonate dashboard, selected Donation Bar Settings, changed the Set Countdown Date to December 2014, and saved. When I did this I saw "expired/reset" option go away, but it still showed a full bar and included all of the past (2013) contributions. It didn't refresh (to an...
  15. M

    Question Unable to install vbdownloads

    I just bought the Pro version, and downloaded 2.2.0pl1, but for some reason I'm having issues installing it. I'm read the instructions that is provided in the zip folder, but for some reason when I go and import the plug in it says I put the whole 'upload' folder in the /www in the FTP and...
  16. ringnews24

    New Mod: Prediction League

    I'd love a prediction league, alot of sports forums out there would love to have one. Also I would buy the pro version :-)
  17. G

    Question Warning: preg_replace(): Compilation failed

    Around 90 lines of Warning: preg_replace(): Compilation failed: nothing to repeat at offset 5 in ..../dbtech/dbseo/includes/class_core.php on line 1521 after installation and importing settings from vbSeo. Had to go back to vbSEO. : ) Please help
  18. S

    escrow feature in VB Classified

    I wanted to know if there is an escrow feature that can be made on the vbclassifed that the buyer interest can be protected so money will not be released to the seller until the buyer is satisfied and all transaction went well. Thanks
  19. M

    pay for buying point

    I want admin can sell point to user how can i create purchase like this picture :
  20. A

    Why not start coding your own bulletin board software?

    There's tons of mods available so it makes me wonder... why not start building a better bulletin board? I think making a free one and converting all of the paid mods/free mods from dbtech to work on the new BB would be a pretty good start. Maybe give phpbb & mybb a run for their money lol.