1. 1quicksi


    Question is not about support given which is always top notch but rather what are you using for the help/support forums to allow uses to post bugs or how do I questions?
  2. H

    Question Dragonbyte Shop and large forums

    I currently have Dragonbyte Shop installed on a VB 4.25 forum. I have to turn it off during peak hours because of the load it places on the forum. During peak hours there are 2 - 3,000 members and 5 - 6,000 guests on the forum. Do you know if this mod has been installed/tested on large, active...
  3. W

    Question Submenus similar to forum tab

    Hello support, Been awhile since I have messed with sites and am seeking a little help. With the VBNavTabs Pro version can we create a Menu tab with sub-links below the navbar like the forums tabbed? Below is a pic of what I am talking about. Thank you for your time and information.
  4. I

    Bug Can not view threads anymore returns me to activity page.

    When I installed the SEO i noticed that my forums are no longer accessible by just clicking the forum link on the nav bar, i do not know how to fix this. When i removed the seo it started to work again after i rebuilt the forums and thread links. Is there anyway to fix this with seo installed...
  5. B

    DragonByte Newsletter Question

    Hello, I'm also your customer and I'll buy DragonByte Newsletter. But I have some question. I have around 600.000 member and 6000-7000 online member most of time. Before we never use newsletter system, because we don't know the effect. Our server powerful , any practise before high value...
  6. Devin Lee Clark

    Bug Invalid Code Entered

    Up until recently, I hadn't been having any issues with 2FA on our forums, but now when anyone attempts to enter a code from the code generator to the forums, it gives them the 'Invalid authentication code' error. I verified that the system time was set correctly as referenced in this thread...
  7. N

    Question Moving to XenForo - Rewrite rules to carry over

    Hello all :) Has anyone had any experience using DBSEO on their vBulletin forums but then migrating over to XenForo? We're looking to do this with a relatively middle sized board; and while we are all ok with the data imports, theming etc; we are quite concerned about SEO etc. Has anyone does...
  8. mikez006

    Feature Request Individual forums?

    Does this allow members to purchase banner ads in individual forums or is this global only? Our members have requested banner ads in individual forums because advertising globally is too expensive. If this does not allow for individual forum advertising, then I would like to make an official...
  9. I

    Question Default Loading - Section On Categories?

    Is there any way to set the categories to load with default tabs? I'd pruned out some of the code, just to clean things up, and now... I'm stuck. I don't believe I'd removed anything critical, as everything was just at face. In other words, is there a way to set...
  10. Xar

    Question Possible to call it in a template?

    Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to call this script in a template so it would show up at the page (an example would be the forums)? Like, the shoutbox can be called with {vb:raw show.vbshout_instance1}, is it possible with this too? Thanks in advance! - XaR
  11. Norman

    Bug The page isn't redirecting properly

    I was forced to use this: Electronic City - Klayz Community I tried with this link for forums: 44 Pagina Non Trovata - Network That's a hidden forum/category, and when I try the above configuration I get the following browser error message: "The page isn't redirecting properly"...
  12. San

    Question Adding DragonByte Shout to a template

    When I try to add the shout box to a template it crashes it. "<!--XFSHOUT.instance1-->" I have moved the shout box from forums to the home page. For the CMS / Portal its XenPorta 2 but I also would like to add the shout box on the templates as well. Like the forums.
  13. Fillip H.

    vBSecurity v2.1.0 Patch Level 1 Released

    Hey all, We're releasing vBSecurity v2.1.0 Patch Level 1 in order to address feedback received on the v2.1.0 release. If you like the product you can show your support by nominating it for mod of the month here: vBSecurity v2 (vB4) - Forum or here vBSecurity v2 [AJAX] (vB3) -...
  14. Fillip H.

    New Mod: DragonByte Newsletter v1.0.0 Released

    Hey all, We're proud to present the newest modification in our lineup; DragonByte Newsletter! There has been a big demand for a well crafted, supported and continuously updated automated Newsletter mod, and DragonByte Technologies is here to deliver. Feature packed from day one, we have grand...
  15. H

    Question Empty?

    I purchased Activity & Awards quite a while ago for one of my forums, the guy I shared the site with decided he wanted to move to different forum software so obviously it became redundant. I am now using it on a new site and after installing I see everything is empty. I really do not have the...
  16. H

    Bug Dynamic Meta Tags for Forums

    Dynamic Meta Tags for forums is not working with turkish characters. For example: Forum name is "Forum Kullanımı" Keywords: <meta name="keywords" content="Forum,Kullanıı,Forum Kullanımı " /> It must be like this: Keywords: <meta name="keywords" content="Forum,Kullanımı,Forum Kullanımı "...
  17. C

    Question Block certain forums from live wall

    Is it possible to block certain forums from the feed?
  18. D

    Custom new post or activity stream

    Hi, I use 2 site extensively, both are forums. One has a sub forum specific sub forum 'new post' feature and the other one hasnt. Leading back to dragonbyte tech I registered here to request a custom 'new post' or activity stream for albeit not or registered users... Both forums involve...
  19. dunattar

    Question Customizing does'nt works!

    Hello, We have some troubles to custom our post/thanks buttons. When we change customizing for our forums and set disable this button for a determinate forum or fix button in a first post only, instructions are ingnored and button appears in all forums and in all messages of post...
  20. Fillip H.

    DragonByte SEO v1.4.6 Released

    Hey all, DragonByte SEO v1.4.6 has been released, fixing a bug with the remote title fetching code as well as changing some default settings for better compatibility. If you like the product you can show your support by nominating it for mod of the month here: DragonByte SEO v1 (vB4) -...