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Hello all :)

Has anyone had any experience using DBSEO on their vBulletin forums but then migrating over to XenForo?

We're looking to do this with a relatively middle sized board; and while we are all ok with the data imports, theming etc; we are quite concerned about SEO etc.

Has anyone does this, and have any advice; suggestions or feedback?

And another question aimed at the DragonByte staff or any free lancer - Does anyone have the know how or ability to provide Rewrite rules which we can use to take across our forums and translate all the old DBSEO URL's into XenForos so we don't lose all our Google Rankings.
I'm happy to pay for support.

Many thanks.

Fillip H.

Staff member
To do this you'd need to list all the rewrite rules you have just now for content that you wish to carry over, I can advise you on ways to construct the rewrite rules from there :)


Hello Good Sir! :D

I guess the main thing is the Thread URL's. at present the setup is like:
I just want to convert it on the fly taken the Thread ID and putting it into XenForo Format.
We're using the out the box format for XenForo (nothing custom yet... but hey if DBSEO came across I'd switch like that :rolleyes: )

For other things like the pshyical forums themselves I know I have to do manually as I didn't put Forum Id in the DBSEO back in the day, my fault!

But to give an idea; the out the box format for that Ford link like above is:
So we know the thread ID of 14009 and the Post ID of 76209 was identical via the Import.

What's your thoughts sir? :)


Fillip H.

Staff member
A very rough test would indicate the first regular expression should be something like
Which results in the following replacement variables being available
$1 = guides-reviews
$2 = guides-tutorials
$3 = 14009
$4 = ford-audio-bluetooth-usb-firmware-update-november-2012-release-how-update
$5 = 76209

Note that this is 100% untested, I'm using a website to test writing a regular expression but I have no idea if this is the correct syntax for .htaccess files.

Let me know how you fare placing that code in a .htaccess file redirect rule and if it works, we can move on to the second one :)

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