Bug Abuse reports from our dbseo URLS

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We are contacting you because we have located the following URL that is currently redirecting to 95ft2.gx1a.com. This content is targeting customers of our client, Bank of Philippine Islands (BPI).

Given the risk this link poses to internet users, we are requesting you remove or block access to this link to prevent further harm.

Dear Abuse Team,

The site is located at:
ASN: 397373
Defanged URL: hxxps://forums[.]techarena[.]in/redirect-to/?redirect=hxxps://cioconatloungejo[.]com/admin/kfiov/iwfniwfniwfniwfniwfn/a211cnJheUB0YXhhc3N1cmFuY2VzLmNvbQ==

We are asking for your assistance removing this fraudulent content as
quickly as possible and to take the following responses in conjunction
with your policies.

Redirect links:
hxxps://forums .techarena .in /redirect-to/?redirect=https://shopourbrand.com/js/cjs/shkjshkjshkjshkjshkj/amFpbWVAYXlhbGEuY29tLnBo
hxxps://forums .techarena .in /redirect-to/?redirect=https://shopourbrand.com/js/cjs/txxmtxxmtxxmtxxmtxxm/amFpbWVAYXlhbGEuY29tLnBo

Target Phishing:
hxxps: //95ft2.gx1a.com/JOE2IF0O633BAMWXT08D5IWTU2J-9kbq9uc3fruwa-bih63n65q146ua?4DIRDWUH4GUU7G2RBM4KIFM8FV8V8-64mg5h4rqt-wpcytsm1m6f728

*The initial url contains a challenge which may also serves as a defense mechanism/defense evasion wherein automated tools may not be able to pass and hence requires User interaction. After landing on the final page, please kindly type test@bpi.com.ph for the email, press Enter and the site has a phishing resource for BPI. Thank You!

Brand Abused: Bank of Philippine Islands (BPI Express Online)
Legitimate Brand URL's:

Request to give us an immediate fix for this problem ?
We will be upgrading our forum software to xenforo this month and do no look to spend in any addons related to vbulletin.
But will consider addons for xenforo.

Please help fix this issue.
You can turn off the redirect-to page in the DBSEO settings.
Thanks for quick reply appreciated.
The version i am using, does not has that option. Request to help fix any other way.

We will upgrade to xenforo soon in 2 to 3 weeks and not wish to spend anymore on vbulletin.

That message above is from our hosting provider.
Thanks @Fillip H. for quick responses and fix.
We have done needful as per your instructions, will wait if the errors occurs again.
Thanks for updating our license.


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Hello @DrRag0N,

We hope your ticket regarding DragonByte SEO has been addressed to your satisfaction. This ticket has now been scheduled to be closed.

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Please do not reply to this thread if your ticket has been resolved.

Thank you.

- DragonByte Technologies, Ltd.
Hello @DrRag0N,

As we have not heard back from you, your ticket regarding DragonByte SEO has now been closed.

If your ticket has not been resolved, please feel free to start a new support ticket and link back to this ticket.

Thank you.

- DragonByte Technologies, Ltd.
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