1. Ambient Vibe

    Question Icons not showing up?

    I've checked and re-checked to make sure that all the files from the uploaded folder were uploaded - and the shop installed without a hitch. However, there seems to be an issue with showing any icons for new/custom items - so far all I get is broken images (red 'x' in the box), so I'm not sure...
  2. K

    Feature Request Per-Shop Seperators / Multiple Currency Purchases

    Really loving this mod, but I have two small requests. Hopefully they wouldn't be difficult to implement, and others would find them useful. First, in the Per Shop Inventory settings when creating an Item, there is no clear delineation between shops. I have to count down to make sure I'm...
  3. Augustus

    Feature Request Checkbox to determine what shop an item appears in?

    Hi there! We're in the process of setting up our Xenforo board and have brought our largest vbShop user over to test out the multiple shops feature that you added (thank you again for that!). In testing we've noticed that items created via the Item Management Page will appear across every shop...
  4. J

    Bug Username change item can be exploited

    I caught users on my forum exploiting the username change item so they can use it an infinite amount of times. What they do is click Configure, put in the name they want, and leave the page as it's loading. This changes their username, but the item isn't mark as configured, so it lets them do...
  5. hakkuo23

    Bug Can't Reconfigure Gifted User Name Styling

    Some users are complaining that an item they gifted to someone without configuring is unable to be configured at all when it arrives in the gifted users inventory. I have reconfiguration disabled for the item experiencing this issue (user name styling). Thank you!
  6. E

    Question How to embed item

    What can I use the following for? {vb:raw show.dbtech_vbshop_embed_22}
  7. O

    Bug Gifting An Item You Own Does Not Gift To User

    Item type - usergroup change [secondary usergroup] If you own "Item A" - and try to gift "Item A" via the shop to another user, it just extends "Item A" on your account rather than gifting to user. So for example you have an item and have set its expiry to 7 days, let this be "Item Z" - You...
  8. O

    Bug Doesn't Remove User After Expiry [Secondary Usergroup] & Item Settings Not Saving

    If an item puts a user into a secondary user group, after expiry the item does not remove the user from said secondary group, item in inventory shows the time as expired already [past] but user is still a part of the usergroup. Additionally, when I go to item settings, and change "Automatically...
  9. O

    Bug Bug Report [3 Reports]

    I had informed of these bugs on the XenForo thread, but I think it will be easier for you to track and sort out the issue and have communication with me here. Bug #1 : Purchasing Multiple Items For User Group Change Does Not Work - Have two or more items in your checkout that are of the...
  10. O

    Bug Gifting Not Working As Intended?

    Gifting items isn't working as intended, or I'm doing something terribly wrong. ITEM: Usergroup Change [Secondary Usergroup ADD for X number of days] Giftable: YES Only Giftable: NO PM on gift: YES Unique: NO Exclusive: NO Allow Re-Configuration: NO Allow Re-Gift: YES Force Hidden: NO The...
  11. hakkuo23

    Bug User Title issue

    When gifting the user title, it looks like the configuration for it is being overwritten somewhere. $this->config['configuration']['usertitle'] is sending my users the error: Undefined index: usertitle. I've been making custom items with the API, and, although I'm no expert, don't you have to...
  12. S

    Bug Moderate Forum item bug.

    Upon trying to re-edit the item, I noticed the forum to moderate, and the moderator permissions, had been reset to default before re-editing anything. After setting them to what I wanted again, and then checking them, they'd indeed reset to default again.
  13. hakkuo23

    Question Question about Callbacks

    Is there a callback for when an item expires, or is that the discard callback? Thanks!
  14. Augustus

    Feature Request Feature Request/Question: Configuring an item results in a thread being posted

    Hi there! (I feel like saying, "Hi it's me again, the one with a list of questions, but I won't.) Is it possible to do so currently (or can you make it possible to do in a future update) to trigger the creation of a thread in a specified forum section upon the purchase and configuration of an...
  15. hakkuo23

    Bug Upgrade Bug

    Looks like it's not populating the item_class with the new classes and doesn't rebuild the cache so it makes your board inaccessible. An exception occurred: Invalid class handler for item type 'custom' specified in /home/fdsa/public_html/xenforo/library/DBTech/Shop/Item/Abstract.php on line...
  16. hakkuo23

    XF Shop addon forum?

    I can't find it but here are some bugs/requests I found that I hope can be fixed :) - error when going to the Steal page with no currencies having stealing enabled. - Buyback doesn't seem to work properly, if Item Buyback Price is set to 0, and Buyback time is set to 0, you can still buyback...
  17. J

    Bug Username change item doesn't allow symbols?

    I believe the username item only allows users to put letters and numbers in their new name. However, we allow some other symbols at registration.
  18. spawn

    atal error: Class 'DBTech_Model_Shop_Item' not found

    I dear. I speak english veri bit. I istalled your addon on my xenforo 1.5.7. I create categories and item. When user push on the create item an error show on video: Fatal error: Class 'DBTech_Model_Shop_Item' not found in...
  19. Fillip H.

    [XenForo] DragonByte Shop v4.0.0 Beta 13 Released

    Hey all, We're releasing DragonByte Shop v4.0.0 Beta 13 for XenForo in order to implement new functionality requested by the community. If you like the product you can show your support by reviewing it here: [DBTech] DragonByte Shop | xenForo Community. Complete Change Log DragonByte Shop...
  20. Fillip H.

    [XenForo] DragonByte Shop v4.0.0 Beta 11 Released

    Hey all, We're releasing DragonByte Shop v4.0.0 Beta 11 for XenForo in order to implement new functionality requested by the community. If you like the product you can show your support by reviewing it here: [DBTech] DragonByte Shop | xenForo Community. Complete Change Log DragonByte Shop...