1. E

    Question We have an issue (DragonByte SEO v2.0.40 Lite)

    Hello We have an issue (DragonByte SEO v2.0.40 Lite). Almost six months ago a problem started to occur: once or twice a week strange symbols appearing mainly in the advertisements. We do not plan to renew the forum version 4.2.5, we wish to have the existing one. Could you please advise what...
  2. K

    Question url problem

    url problem /3300-anadolu-niversitesi-posta-oluturma.html it should be as follows but I can not solve the problem above I did not do what I did I would like your help /3300-anadolu-universitesi-posta-oluşturma.html
  3. J

    Question Can't import any games

    In the "Browse Games" section, only Armor is available and when I click Begin, it says "There was a problem reading the games feed."
  4. ikymbo

    Bug DBSEO is changing the meta description for a radom comment

    i dont know what is happening but i just updated the mod and i have this problem! Plz help me! here a example: Extreme Injector | Inyecta tus dlls, Funcional en W10 - W8 - W7 - XP
  5. Bioxyde

    Bug Error coding line 888

    hi, i have a problem with this plugin ! Notice: Undefined index: vbmail in .../vb5/route.php on line 888 how i can resolved this problem?
  6. F

    Question Cant Add a new item

    Hy, i cant add new items in the classifieds. I dont now, whtas the error for this. I download the classifieds 1.1.17, then i unpack the folder, i upload the folders to my server an installed the xml file in the acp / product section. Im wounder, the install will run for 3-4 Minutes and adter...
  7. O

    Question Register dont work

    I have a strange problem with register in my forums. The case is have in my xf options i have Require Date of Birth and Minimum Age: 13 The problem is if i try to register and the form have any error, the next time the date is cached and can't register again (attached images with to young to...
  8. Mantis

    Bug Events processing twice?

    I noticed there are still problems with vBCredits, but I don't know why. The post bonus is 5 points. However, when I post I notice it has increased by 10. Having said that, the credits.php page shows the correct (5) amount. So I have no idea why it added an extra 5. I double-checked vBActivity...
  9. O

    Bug Umlauts [äöüß] Problem

    Hello, I use the DragonByte SEO plugin in the 2.0.36 version for vBulletin 3.8.10. Unfortunately there is a problem with the umlauts öäüß. I use the default skin, it has only changed css and icons. Screens:
  10. ClaFV

    Question vBSuper PM's Notification - not work !

    in my forum, the hack works correctly, but I have a problem with type notification Floating Images is OK Sticky Type Note no see Announcement Type (Pro) .... not have ... for testing I installed the lite what could be your problem ? PS. difference between sticky and announcement ...
  11. ClaFV

    Question swicht postbit tab - not work

    I'm also trying this mod, but not by clicking on the switch points between the tabs what could be your problem ? Thanks for support !
  12. L

    Problem vb 4.2 and vbshout please help

    im purchase vb pro install fine chmod 0777 aop folder but can shout.. only see "loading...." nothing more :/ thanks
  13. webi

    Bug No New Files to Upload

    Hi Phillip. we can not upload any new files. No files are added to the list in order to upload then to start. An update to the current version has the problem not solved. ACP and FTP account are active. Best Regards
  14. S

    Bug Nothing happens when i click like button

    Hello, I have a problem ive installed this mod at first it didnt work then i repaired cache then i was able to edit the buttons but my problem is the buttons are showing but when i click on it nothing happens. Ive searched this whole forum but i couldnt find a solution i also have when i...
  15. K

    Bug Style problem when product is enabled

    Hi I've a problem when I active the vBNav Tab plugin on my forum. On my site i use the "primus blue" theme. When the plugin is disabled, my forum looks like this. When the plugin is enabled, my forum looks like this. At this moment the plugin is disabled until I know how to fix this problem...
  16. Tariq7

    Shoutbox problem

    I purchase the shoutbox and installed it on my site my site is a version 5.2.2 when I installed it a cause my sidebar to drop to the bottom of the site I talked to vbulletin Tech and they say these problems because of the shoutbox is there any solution to this problem so I can get my sidebar...
  17. M

    Bug Sitemap Page URL wrong

    I have today enable Include Show Post at Sitemap. Here i have problem with the right URL. [thread_id]-[thread_title]-new-post.html <---------------- is set /1119547-post3.html <------------------ Output On Sitemap
  18. G

    Bug Problem with v3.2.6 XML for VB4

    Hi. I think there is a problem with XML of v3.2.6 for vb4. After update, admin panel show 3.2.5pl2 as installed, not 3.2.6. Thanks.
  19. K

    Bug is this an hack of infoPanels ?

    Hello, In this line : /dbtech/infopanels/includes/class_core.php we can see this ...
  20. O

    Bug Edit error exactly the same problem, when you edit form fields empty