1. daedious

    [Feature Request] Custom Item Purchase Notes

    Hello, I am loving this shop addon it. It is nearly exactly what I was looking for, with one exception. Most of my custom items will be key codes but the only way I have found to add it, is to make a custom field and use the title as the code. Its not as professional and refined as I would...
  2. V

    Question Shoutbox on other pages?

    Hey, I am wanting to display the shoutbox on my main forum page instead of the homepage that is using XenPorta, I know I have to disable the 'Auto-Display Shoutbox' setting and I have read the instructions on adding code to a template but I am completely confused! What code do I add to what...
  3. M


    Have installed DBSeo today. But Sitemap won't generate Error: Missing site. on line 51 in /var/www/vhosts/ (code: 0) I do not caching anything....
  4. pcam

    Bug Missing file (postdata_postsave.php)called from includes/class_dm_threadpost.php(996)

    I have recently redownloaded all addons a couple of days ago here at this site, because it seems while the version numbers may stay the same, there seems to be hotfixes posted and I wanted to make sure I was using everything up-to-date. My .zip for this product, Private Text in Posts v2.0.0pl1...
  5. H

    Feature Request Tampering Detected

    You have a feature related to file tampering as shown below. I think this is a useful idea but as implemented, I'm not sure it really is helpful. I'm not sure what the logic is to detect tampering but I think what would be useful is for a snapshot of the system to be taken (maybe a checksum of...
  6. mikez006

    Bug Branding free gone

    I downloaded the Two Factor addon from, in your store and from my client area. None have the option to enter the branding free code. Please fix. I bought the branding free code and can't use it.
  7. CharlieDelta

    Bug Fatal Error - Blogs

    I just switched over to https but not sure this error is related. I just happen to be checking everything to ensure it works. I get the following error page when I click on the "blogs" link in the navbar. PHP Warning: require(..../dbtech/thanks_pro/hooks/blog_list_entries_complete.php): failed...
  8. S

    Question Which code should I enter to enable google analytics?

    Which code should I enter to enable google analytics? When I access dbseo panel, I need to enter an authentication code... where can I get the code?
  9. wizzie

    Question CMS code for widget

    Hi guys could you tell me what the code is for the cms widget, I seem to have lost mine (my fault:() Thanks Graham
  10. Devin Lee Clark

    Bug Invalid Code Entered

    Up until recently, I hadn't been having any issues with 2FA on our forums, but now when anyone attempts to enter a code from the code generator to the forums, it gives them the 'Invalid authentication code' error. I verified that the system time was set correctly as referenced in this thread...
  11. Fillip H.

    vBShop v3.3.0 Released (now with PayPal Payments support!)

    Hey all, We're releasing vBShop v3.3.0 in order to add functionality requested by the community. You can now charge real money for items directly via vBShop, using whatever payment APIs you have enabled in vBulletin! If you like the product you can show your support by nominating it for mod...
  12. D

    Bug Invalid QR or invalid character

    When i try to add my account to the Google Authentication App, with the QR and withthe code give me error. With the code says invalid caracthers.. So extrange
  13. A

    Bug PHP Fatal Error when Viewing Image

    Hello, I'm having an issue with viewing an image in the gallery. When I view the image, I get the error: PHP Warning: Illegal string offset 'commentid' in ..../includes/class_core.php(4730) : eval()'d code on line 275 Initially I thought I needed to upgrade the product, which I did but, the...
  14. Replicators

    Question Autoplay Profile Music

    I know that you haven't made a option in the admincp to allow for autoplaying profile music, but is there a way to make it a option by changing certain code? If not, im gonna have to get a profile music player elsewhere and just have them buy a permission for that. No sense having profile music...
  15. CharlieDelta

    Bug HTML Code Displaying In ACP

    HTML code displaying in the ACP and the ACP settings page is hard to load and timing out.
  16. B

    Question Some code on image view

    When someone look images you can see " <br> " code on template ... how fix that ? will attach image that you can see what i mean. Have latest dbtech gallery pl1. regards bosss
  17. Xar

    Question Can't get past plugin installation

    Hi, I'm creating this topic because I can't pass the plugin installation. Every time I want to install the plugin with the xml file it returns me the following error: I added the whole code into the .htaccess + I followed all installation steps. Help is really appreciated here. Thanks!
  18. bzcomputers

    Code showing at top of mentions page...

    Seeing this at the top of the "Mentions" page...
  19. H

    Bug Authentication not working

    Some of the people using this have complained that on occasion, it doesn't work. It is a sporadic issue. I believe it happened to me once as well but I rebooted and it worked.