1. B

    Question Purchase Points

    I have both vBcredits II Pro and vBShop Lite installed and working on the same table. Users are able to earn points without issue but I'd like to let users purchase points in case they don't want to wait to earn the points. Is this possible and how do I go about doing this?
  2. O

    Hello, friends!

    Loving your lite products, and have every intention of purchasing some of the pro versions down the road. Thanks for having me.
  3. I

    Gallery plugin - I migrate a large PhotoPost Pro user base?

    Gallery plugin - Can I migrate a large PhotoPost Pro user base? I have three vB3.8 forums, each with a fairly large PhotoPost Pro gallery. As PPPro is no longer supported I would like to migrate our users and their photos to the DragonByte gallery plugin if this is suitable. We're currently...
  4. V

    How to Order Pro Versions?

    First of all kudos on all the cool plugins! Tried a number of demos and very excited to buy fully-functional versions! Here are my pre-sales questions: 1)How do I order the "pro" versions? For example for the vBActivity & Awards plugin, in the "Features List" I would see "Professional Only...
  5. S

    Question Change the free version to the paid version

    Hello. I own the free version of this addon. Now I want to buy the pro version. How can I add the pro version, without losing the db with the user mentions?
  6. R

    Feature Request PhotoPost to DBGallery

    Hello, I saw another thread on importing Photopost to Dbgallery but it was closed so I could not comment. I have the last version of Photopost Pro and I plan to buy the latest version of DBgallery if I can import my images. I have tens of thousands.. Thanks, Rich
  7. A

    Feature Request Customizability

    Hello, A few of us are working on a project, we've added VbActivity on our forums to test it out. We also customized it a bit (onmouseover properties for acheivements). I really love the product and we are looking to update to the pro version once we launch. There is only one little thing...
  8. D

    Bug php7 + memcache

    Wondering if an one has ran into a issue running php7 & memcached? Testing right now & im seeing a pass & fail on the flush cache test Out of 5 system tests in vbopimise pro, its fails twice & passes 3 times, basically every other test is a pass/fail
  9. CoZmicShReddeR

    Bug Mail Errors

    Recently getting spammed with these errors from the mail addon... DragonByte Tech: Mail (Pro) 3.0.4 I sent you the access if needed.
  10. Stegrie

    German Thread Ratings

    German Translation for Thread Ratings Pro Stefan
  11. T

    Question XML Sitemap only install?

    If I were to buy the DragonByte SEO PRO, would it possible for me to install only the DragonByte SEO - Sitemap?
  12. S

    Question Classifieds Options in Pro?

    I entere4d the following over on in your Dragonbyte classifieds thread. Maybe here is the better place? Same questions as rcull and navossoc, except none of ours will be digital, plus; 1. Is there a way to turn off the Buy It Now feature? That is really not an option when you're...
  13. M

    Bug Had to uninstall and abandon

    I had to uninstall this plugin and abandon it. It kept crashing no matter what I did (or didn't do) I will not be purchasing the Pro version. Way too buggy of an experience.
  14. M

    Bug Wrong words by (Pro) Guest Full Page Caching

    I' like activate (Pro) Guest Full Page Caching. My Forum ist German language and ÄÜÖ is with this option very wrong :(
  15. H

    Question Purchase License Pro

    hi I would like to purchase the PRO license, I did not understand from the home page if I have access to a support ticket system with pro license users?
  16. Belazor

    DragonByte Shout v7.0.0 Release Candidate 1 Released

    Hey all, We're releasing DragonByte Shout v7.0.0 Release Candidate 1 for XenForo in order to implement Desktop Notifications. If you like the product you can show your support by reviewing it here: [DBTech] DragonByte Shout v7 [Lite] | xenForo Community or here: [DBTech] DragonByte Shout v7...
  17. Belazor

    Advanced Post Thanks / Like v3.4.1 Released

    Hey all, We're releasing Advanced Post Thanks / Like v3.4.1 in order to add functionality requested by the community. If you like the product you can show your support by nominating it for mod of the month here: Advanced Post Thanks / Like v3 (vB4) - Forum or here: Advanced Post...
  18. S

    DBSEO Pro pre-sale questions

    Hello, I'm interesting in purchasing DBSEO Pro, but tried the Lite version and didn't see an option to preserve my previous (custom) vBSEO forum/thread structure. I read the Pro version has an importer and I have everything from vBSEO backed up including settings and XMLs, so my question is...
  19. Belazor

    Advanced Post Thanks / Like v3.4.0 Released

    Hey all, We're releasing Advanced Post Thanks / Like v3.4.0 in order to add features requested by the community. We have added a block above the post list on Show Thread and thread list on Forum Display showing the total amount of clicks each button has received. This can be globally disabled...
  20. Belazor

    vBSecurity v2.1.0 Released

    Hey all, We're releasing vBSecurity v2.1.0 in order to add a multitude of new features. This version has two main focus points: "Quality of Life" changes, as well as additional log displays. We have added the ability to re-send both the admin and user IP verification emails, in response to...