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I love User Spotlight and we are using it to recognize various members of our forums we call Sistas of the week so it's PERFECT... except....

I have 2 trivial formatting type questions...

(1) one of the things we want to show is the link to their article - we created a custom profile field to house that info that only admins can modify but when it hits the sideblock, it doesn't wrap so... yeah looks funky.

(2) Could we instead use some sort of coding where the field would display a word that became a hyperlink - and if so, what would that look like?
(I tried <a href="inserted the article link here">Sista of the Week</a> and it well... showed all of that so CLEARLY html isn't recognized lol

you can see it here: Mamavation Community Forums


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I see it wrapping on your page?
But if you would like to hide the link and use a short link text you could always use bbcode. Something like

[ URL = "" ]Link[ / URL ]

Without the spaces of course :)


I do something similar to show a link to my members bio. Dylans suggestion will work fine as long as you do not use the quotes ("") in the URL. :)
At least that is what I had to do.
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