1. K

    Pending "Display in Postbit" Option by Currency

    So, my use-case is probably abnormal. I'm sure most people only do two or three currencies. You do advertise "virtually unlimited," though, and I've created 18 currencies for my forum. More than 5-6, though, and displaying the currencies becomes a problem. In the wallet, they scroll off screen...
  2. A

    Question Notification in Current Tab and Setting Question

    Couple of questions about the plugin. When a user clicks Like (or Thanks), it generates a private message with the title of "New Likes Received". When I open that there is a link to go to the content that was liked. That opens in a new tab. Is there any way to configure it so that it opens...
  3. E

    Question Bank amount won't show on postbit

    Enable Postbit Display If yes, the person's bank balance will also be displayed in the postbit. That option has Yes selected, but it still does not show on the postbit.
  4. K

    Centralising Postbit Tabs

    Hi, Just wondering is a customisable code? I would like the dynamic postbit tabs to be centralised on my postbit legacy. Let me know if it's possible, or if it has to remain static. Thanks, Kaiten
  5. J

    Question Postbit variable

    Hi, Somehow i've seen there's 4 stats showing in postbit. Where can i find variable of these stats and choosing it to not showing instead? Likes (Given): 0 Likes (Received): 0 Dislikes (Given): 0 Dislikes (Received): 0 Thanks
  6. J

    Legacy User changeable "X Newest Items" in postbit

    Hi, Would it be possible to add an item that allows the user to change the amount of items they can display in their postbit? It's currently a universal setting, but I'd like to allow people to pay currency to upgrade the amount they can display. Thanks!
  7. SniperCap

    Question How to turn off Gallery Images in Postbit

    Hi Guys, its a n00b question I know but I was hoping you could help. How do I turn off the "Gallery Photos" field that's generated in the members postbit when they post? I have looked through the settings and for the life of me I can't find it and I don't know if its because its not there or I...
  8. J

    Question Order of item postbit

    Is it possible to change the order of items in the postbit? If not, what determines the order (in the database)? purchaseid? Date?
  9. Fillip H.

    vBShop v3.2.5 Released

    Hey all, We're releasing vBShop v3.2.5 in order to add functionality requested by the community. If you like the product you can show your support by nominating it for mod of the month here: vBShop v3 (vB4) - Forum or here vBShop v3 (vB3) - Forum, and also please...
  10. J

    Question Place LIKE button right next to the postbit controls (reply / reply with quote)

    Hello, I have the PRO version. How do I place the Like button right next to the postbit controls "Reply" "Reply With Quote" ? I've searched here and but haven't come across the answer. Thank you.
  11. Fillip H.

    Postbit Tabs v1.1.3 Released

    Hey all, We're releasing Postbit Tabs v1.1.3 to add functionality requested by the community. You can now set an optional maximum height for the postbit block, ensuring the page position doesn't shift when changing postbit tabs. If you like the product you can show your support by nominating...
  12. D

    Question Duplicate postbit info

    My postbit is showing duplicate Thanks statistics and I can't for the life of me find where this info is being called twice. I use postbit tabs, it shows once above the tabs (incorrect) and once in the tab (correct). If I enable the Manual Postbit Deployment setting, it removed it from the...
  13. I

    Legacy Combine Awards and Achievements in Postbit

    How can I combine the display of Achievement badges and Award badges in the postbit? Having them separate can take up a lot of room and is making the postbit too large. Also, how can I remove the text and open/close bit above the level bar, where it says "vBActivity - Bars" - I would like to...
  14. S

    Question Cache Datastore Question

    In my forum, sometimes (randomly) i have "datastore corrupted" error message from vb that suggests me to "rebuild the fields" (or something) using "tools.php". I enable the "Cache datastore" feature. Do you think the error is related to "cache datastore"? Now i try to disable the "Cache datastore".
  15. M

    Question 2 questions

    1. is how to change user who create poll threads? 2. don't see award images in postbit :(
  16. W

    First post so I can see my postbit and test some functionality

    Hello, Sorry if you consider this post as a spam, I just wanted to see how my postbit looks like with all your options. I would also like to test functionality of tagging words, since you don't offer demo.
  17. L

    Question Missing Profile Tabs, statistics page & postbit info

    Hi there, Recently, I installed the user tag pro, installation was fine. However, I can't see the user tag's profile Tabs, statistics page & postbit info. Those info are not showing up. I've make sure everything have turned on in admincp. Any ideas? Note: I disabled now until I see a solution...
  18. D

    Legacy Profile link to gallery

    I think that an essential feature is to have a link from the members profile to their gallery. Has anybody figured out how to do this? I have figured out and implemented a link from the postbit and it works great. There should be a link from the profile though.
  19. Mokonzi

    Draft Posts v1.0.6 Released

    Hi everyone, Released a minor update (v1.0.6) for Draft Posts to introduce a setting to allow users to remove the text from the postbit Draft this Post button. Additions To Product From Feature Requests Or Just Something Else Added: Feature: Setting to allow the text to be removed from the...
  20. B

    Legacy How put only image - not text in postbit

    How we can put just some image in postbit - where is edit post, send pm ...and more - just without text - draft this post - because it destroy this part off post . Something like was for bookmark post (just image) regards bosss