1. Alan_SP

    Bug Cookie Control triggers Avast to block website

    I received complaints from some users that use Avast that they can not access site. After some investigation, Avast was "culprit". I contacted Avast, they said that site links xb11766 com/ctrd/click (made link not working that you avoid potential problems, just in case. I don't have links on my...
  2. Alan_SP

    Question Do I need to categorize all additional cookies?

    I noticed that program found a lot new, uncategorized cookies. Do I need to categorize them all, or they also work just fine when users accept cookies? If I need to categorize them, what are best option to categorize them to make everything work fine for forum and users?
  3. A

    This website uses cookies (please fix this)

    Hi there, I'm really struggling to navigate DBT with the cookies dropdown div I am required to inspect element and delete the div every page reload... super draining Tested on; Mac OSX El Captain Windows 10 Chrome 48/49 Safari Unable to click 'ok' to remove the dropdown After...
  4. T

    Bug Problem with cookies and the new Cookies Consent mod

    Hi We got emails from alot of users. always the same problem since the mod has been enabled. It works fine with forum password, but not working for private hidden section password. I quote here some of their messages: The problem appears with different browsers (Chrome, FF etc.) and...
  5. Fillip H.

    New Mod: Cookie Control v1.0.0 Released

    Hey all, We're proud to present the newest modification in our lineup; Cookie Control! As the deadline for Google's penalisation of sites that do not comply with EU's cookie laws draw near, we wanted to provide a feature-rich management mod that not only helps your site stay compliant, but also...
  6. Alan_SP

    Mod for complete compliance with EU cookies law and third parties cookies - AdSense

    Fillip H. You are probably already familiar with EU cookies law and it requirements about notifying users about cookies on websites, choosing to use them, or blocking them. But, yesterday I received email from AdSense that states it also requires that compliance that includes third parties...
  7. C

    Question Members and Guests Forum Block

    I'm not sure if this is a how do I post or a feature request...or if its available with pro? But basically I would like to show the question block to guests. With the hope that they will register to use it. Secondly, is it possible to not show the other blocks...for example the unanswered...
  8. C

    Question Collapse on load

    Is there a way to set the chat so it is collapsed by default? (Also would it "remember" the collapsed state the user left it in?)
  9. racersimage

    Bug Warning: strtr() [function.strtr] error when I first visit my site on IE and Safari

    Warning: strtr() [function.strtr]: error when I first visit my site. When I load up my site I get this across the top of my page. After some browsing it goes away. Warning: strtr() [function.strtr]: The second argument is not an array in [path]/dbtech/dbseo/includes/class_core.php on line...
  10. neounix

    Question Disable DBSEO for a Specific vB Style ID

    Hey! We are having a tough time debugging why one of our mobile styles stopped working after installing DBSEO. It works find on our staging server, but on production, we are getting a 301 from the mobile style to the main style; and have not be successful debugging it. We have even tried...
  11. V

    vbanalytcs's Questions

    Hello. I have some questions about vbanalytcs. 1 - vbanalytcs accounts for unique visitors? I only see visits No unique visitors as I google analytics. 2 - What are the advantages of the premium version? My language is not Spanish and I understood. They can explain? 3 - For the "law of...
  12. Steris56

    Bug Settings not Showing

    In ACP the drop down menu Dbt-tech custom nav below is general setting when i click on that it comes up with a blank page .. now when i go to options and find the mod i bring up the all the setting that way how can i fix this thanks not sure if this is a bug or not
  13. V


    Hello. I installed the free version to test to see if it has the same amount of visitors google analytics + vBSEO. I have already discussed my problem with vBSEO here: vbanalytics and dbseo But not working vbanalytics. Not counting visitors for an hour. Nor is downloading any cookie, right...
  14. V

    vbanalytics and dbseo

    Hello. I hope to explain well the question. Please excuse my English. "I have vBSEO" and I want to uninstall it. DBSEO want to replace when stable. But I see this: I have my analytics code inserted only in the header, and besides, I've put in: VBSEO, Control Panel> General Settings>...
  15. V

    vBAnalytics cookies?

    Hello. vBAnalytics use cookies? thanks
  16. Nirjonadda

    Feature Request Tor Alert

    please can add option that can detect Tor users. Features: Enable/Disable Index Only Option Persistent Message Enable/Disable (Uses Cookies) Redirect if Detected Redirect to another page Custom Messages Customer Color of Messages Not allowing Tor users to post Usergroup Permissions Set a...
  17. H

    Question Questions

    I am testing and learning the product. 1. I added an item to buy the right to upload a smilie. We bought it, but now we cannot figure out where to go to upload the smilie. I know how to do it through the admin, but not as a general registered forum member. 2. I asked about the difference...
  18. kerts93

    Bug Users losing permissions

    PRODUCT NAME: vBshout Lite & Pro (tested both) VERSION: 6.1.0a5-pl1 When I added vBshout, first only my (ID: 1 superadmin account) had problems. I couldn't do anything Then I tried to do exact same things with firefox and IE. Worked. Worked fine for few hours, then I went home from work and...
  19. overlord

    Bug Undefined offset?

    I'm getting the following errors in my php error log (I've taken of the timestamp and shortened the path for easier reading) PHP Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in <home Directory>/core/packages/dbtechvbshout/api/vbshout/shoutbox.php on line 652 PHP Notice: Undefined index: dbtech_vbshout_pm in...
  20. B

    Bug Scores problem

    Have similar problem like here - Problem is not with top stats but problem is when save is not done immediately ... under game window mean ... must log out and wait ...some minutes or hour ... and after I see my last scores ...