Mod for complete compliance with EU cookies law and third parties cookies - AdSense


You are probably already familiar with EU cookies law and it requirements about notifying users about cookies on websites, choosing to use them, or blocking them. But, yesterday I received email from AdSense that states it also requires that compliance that includes third parties cookies like AdSense, Google Analytics, etc.

Basically, if users come to a site (here we're talking about vB powered site), user should see notice about site using cookies and he must choose whether he wants to use cookies or not. If not, all cookies, even those generated by AdSense, Google Analytics etc must be disabled.

User also should have a link on which he could change it's mind and disable cookies at later time of his own choosing.

I looked a bit at products given in site that Google created (Google Cookie Choices), they may, or may not disable all cookies. Do you know reliable product, preferably free that disables all cookies and complies with a law completely?

Or even better, if you'd make some mod that would comply completely with EU cookies law by blocking all cookies if users choose to do so, having link we could call so users can change their choice at later time?