1. S

    Question Upgrading

    Hi Am I correct in saying that to upgrade all I do is overwrite the files on the server then import the xml file? ticking "allow overwrite"? STuart
  2. Cheyenne

    Bug Product XML Has Wrong Version

    Not truly a bug, but category selection is what it is...:) Version number in the product XML is marked 6.2.2 instead of 6.2.3 in the Advanced Post Thanks / Like Lite v6.2.3 update download. I thought I should bring this to your attention asap. :cool:
  3. G

    Bug Problem with v3.2.6 XML for VB4

    Hi. I think there is a problem with XML of v3.2.6 for vb4. After update, admin panel show 3.2.5pl2 as installed, not 3.2.6. Thanks.
  4. RobAC

    Question Sitemap Does not Contain Any URLs Warning

    Each time my sitemap is submitted to Google, I see the following error message in Google Webmaster Tools: Your Sitemap does not contain any URLs. Please validate and resubmit your Sitemap. When I look at the sitemap, there are URLs in them. Out of 779,978 URLs submitted, 73,070 URLs are...
  5. Drahnier

    Question Default XML Sitemap

    I was recently going through and updating some settings for the sitemap, when I noticed something I was a bit unsure of. vBulletin by default generates an XML sitemap, which has a few configurations under XML Sitemap in AdminCP. The DBSEO plugin generates a different XML Sitemap, which is...
  6. A

    Question Xml File

    When I open the zipped files there is only vb3 or vb4 under XML file. I am running vb5.1.4. Do I use the XML file for vb4? This is the pro version I purchased.
  7. 1quicksi

    Bug XML wont import

    Just downloaded 1.4.1 to upgrade from 1.3.10 and when I try to import the XML I get an error: No file uploaded and no local file found. Never had a problem importing an XML before... Tried IE & FF both latest versions.
  8. Nirjonadda

    Question What xml file

    What xml file i need to install ? I get 2 file in xml folder. product-dbtech_userthreads (1).xml product-dbtech_userthreads.xml
  9. A

    Bug Possible conflict with iTrader

    Hello, It seems that I am having some trouble between with my iTrader plugin and the DBSeo Pro. The SEO seem to be in good working order. iTrader always seem to get an error and will not function correctly. The hosting company that I am using has suggested that if the there is a possible...
  10. Toorak Times Newspaper

    Bug Missing file

    /home/toorak/public_html/dbtech/usertag/includes/class_install.php appears to be missing! After being hacked AGAIN, I am reinstalling all mods. I uploaded all files correctly and when upoading xml got this above. How do I get this file please?
  11. H

    Bug Database error after upload

    I'm still playing around with the mod and haven't fully implemented it yet. Today I decided to update from 1.1.0b3 to 1.1.6 and do some more configuring. I downloaded the mod and uploaded it to the server. Before uploading the xml file I thought I'd check the site just to make sure it was still...
  12. A

    Question Just upgraded to v3.2.7, how come all of the previous history is gone from the tab

    Hi, I just upgraded to Advanced Post Thanks / Like v3.2.7. As soon I activated, all of the previous history is gone from the tab. Why did it do that and how can I fix it? Also one of my posts had 20 likes and now looking it, it has only 2 likes that were given after the update and now when...
  13. Grumpy

    Bug Fatal Error - after updating from 1.1.5 to 1.1.6

    Just updated from 1.1.5 to 1.1.6 and I get this error Fatal error: require(): Failed opening required '/xxxxx/xxxx/public_html/forum/dbtech/classifieds_pro/hooks/build_navigation_array.php' (include_path='.:/opt/php54/lib/php') in...
  14. Jj Michael Smith

    Question How to set up forum block tags?

    How do you get the forum block to work. I see nothing there.
  15. inoputro

    Question Can't Instal XML DBSEO

    I've bought DBSEO I'm now trying to install I have to enter everything in the folder uploud but I have trouble installing the product ntuk XML I have tried for hours but could not installed, just "Importing Product, Please Wait ..." what is wrong?
  16. R

    Bug subscriber list as blank

    Above is the list of subscriber it has started showing. Above is the list of newsletter, it shows the code .
  17. Z

    Bug Big upload error

    hello, I want to increase the weight of the file to be transferred. at first I increased the size of the files Rar application/zip 55.03 Mo Non disponible Non disponible [Manage] [Remove] zip application/zip 55.03 Mo Non disponible Non disponible [Manage] [Remove] I uploaded a 15MB...
  18. K

    Question how to completly disable url rewrite

    hi i really dont like url rewrite and everytime it has many conflict or "page not found" or .... so how can i desable it in DB Seo? specially this one: URL Part Separator its get "Page not found" when xml sitemap from dbseo will send and all urls are get this error from google
  19. EasyEasy

    Bug Freeze on install

    Hi all. Wanted to install this to try the auction feature you have built in. When installing I get this error and its freezes. Also tried an earlier version 1.1.1 but got the same freeze. Any help would be appreciated as im looking to purchase the pro version. Thanks in advance
  20. Em Kay

    Bug PM Link still broken