1. I

    Question import thanks from vb3 to vb4?

    hello, trying to troubleshoot during a live upgrade here... ive dont it before in test but i must have done something different... i try to run the import script by url and it tells me "invalid action" ive tried even php5.6 fail... i upgraded to vb4 before hand tho, is it still possible to...
  2. jhj8864

    vB Arcade - What can I expect if I move from IBPro Arcade?

    We recently upgraded to vBulletin 4.2.5 and to php 7.1. We have used the IBPro Arcade mod for years and have a ton of games (probably close to 3,000) we've found over the years. Unfortunately, our upgrades jacked up the Arcade template - and made a mess of our Arcade pages. Games still work but...
  3. HowardE

    Question Export Likes to Xenforo?

    Hi. Is there a way to export from the Advanced Post Thanks and Import into Xenforo? Thanks.
  4. A

    Question Importing from Photopost or VBGallery

    I see the option to import from Photopost and VBG but have a few questions. I have over 40,000 photos in my VBGallery. I don't want to import all these photos into my new DBG and have them all dump into one category. Is there a way to have the same category names in DBG that I have in VBG and...
  5. M

    Bug After Update today problem

    I have today see the new Update 2.4.8pl1. I have without problem install. After Update is not possible post new Files. The Skyle is also wrong :(. I have change version to old but the problem is always. I have all files new upload, new xml import, Flush Cache.
  6. kyle

    Question Photopost Import?

    I am trying the lite version out to see how things go after seeing that there is a photopost importer how ever after clicking on import gallery in the admincp the only thing picked up is vbalbums. Is the importer only for Photopost vbgallery or Photopost Pro 8.5? We have 7 forums running...
  7. Fillip H.

    DragonByte Gallery v1.3.2 Patch Level 4 Released

    Hey all, We're releasing DragonByte Gallery v1.3.2 Patch Level 4 in order to resolve issues reported by the community. If you like the product, you can show your support by nominating it for mod of the month here, [DBTech] DragonByte Gallery v1 (vB4) - Forum , and also please...
  8. M

    Question how to import vbdownload old files

    Hello I made fresh install to my forum and i want to import old file from dbdownload i have all old file and old DB just how to import them again please ? Thank you
  9. H

    Question Empty?

    I purchased Activity & Awards quite a while ago for one of my forums, the guy I shared the site with decided he wanted to move to different forum software so obviously it became redundant. I am now using it on a new site and after installing I see everything is empty. I really do not have the...
  10. D

    Bug Error importing adv post thank 3.3.2

    Dear Sir, i am trying to update your mod to version 3.3.2 from my working 3.3.1 pl1 but after copied all files as indicated when i try to import with thanksimportcli.php i receive this error : could you halp me? thanks
  11. F

    Question Error trying to import likes from vBSEO

    I have just installed Thanks / Like 3.3.2 (Lite) and am now trying to import the exsisting likes from vBSEO. When I go to the thanksimport.php page and select the vBSEO import option, I get this error: "A required field called varname is missing or has an invalid value." What to do?
  12. V

    Question vbSEO import - command line?

    Can the thanks importer run via command line? Big board import is taking forever. Thanks!
  13. blarian

    Question Import Issue + Activity not showing up

    I have 2 seperate issues, after installing. 1) No activity is recording, see screenshot. Various users have tons of activity and hundreds of posts but it is showing all 0% for activity? Does it not update from past activity prior to installing...
  14. madmaxmangos

    Feature Request Import file into existing download

    It would be nice to be able to upload large files to FTP (say 500mb) and then import that file into an existing download, rather then having to make an entire new download each time using the mass import. The import system as a whole could do with an overhaul. It could do with the ability to...
  15. T

    Question Import to XenForo

    Can someone tell me what importer I could use to import Likes to XenForo? I do not use Thanks, so just the Likes. Thanks!
  16. G

    Question Import Photopost vbGallery into Dragonbyte Gallery

    Hello, Possible to import Photopost vbGallery into Dragonbyte Gallery? Thank You
  17. 1quicksi

    Bug XML wont import

    Just downloaded 1.4.1 to upgrade from 1.3.10 and when I try to import the XML I get an error: No file uploaded and no local file found. Never had a problem importing an XML before... Tried IE & FF both latest versions.
  18. D

    Question Nothing to do in vbseo import

    When i try to import from vbseo its says nothing to do.. pd:i pay for custom work, please review emails :)
  19. S

    Bug Files missing from download

    There seem to be files missing from the upload folder. After uploading the files, and attempting to import the .xml file I get the following message: "path/goes/here/testvb/dbtech/vbnominate/includes/class_install.php appears to be missing!
  20. S

    Question Do I clean out import folder once imported?

    I managed to get the arcade installed and found some games to try out. I have been FTPing them to the import folder and everything seems to be going very well. After I import from the import folder.... do I delete the files I uploaded from there or do they need to stay there? Thanks, D.