vB Arcade - What can I expect if I move from IBPro Arcade?

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We recently upgraded to vBulletin 4.2.5 and to php 7.1. We have used the IBPro Arcade mod for years and have a ton of games (probably close to 3,000) we've found over the years. Unfortunately, our upgrades jacked up the Arcade template - and made a mess of our Arcade pages. Games still work but it's a mess to look at. If I can't figure out a fix for the template (not looking very promising at the moment), how easy is it to mass import all those games into your vB Arcade mod? Can the categories they are currently in also be imported?

Given that you don't issue refunds under any circumstances (not judgin', just sayin') and the fact that I don't want to lose large chunks of the games I currently have, nor have to recategorize each game given the volume of them, it's important for me to be confident that I can import the games and the categories they are in before I were to think about purchasing your version of the Arcade.

Appreciate your feedback in advance!


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Hi there,

Honestly, I haven't personally tested the ibProArcade import, so I can't guarantee whether all the games will work. Your best bet would be to try the free Lite version from this page: https://www.dragonbyte-tech.com/store/product/110-vbarcade/ and seeing if you're able to make some of your more popular games work.

You may need to back up your existing ibProArcade files or install this on a test board that's a duplicate of your main site, to avoid potentially overwriting any ibProArcade files - I don't know if any of the files are identical.

Sorry I couldn't give any more concrete information, I'm not the original developer of that particular modification so I don't know it inside-out :(

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