Question Same problem resolving host name vBOptimise CDN: AWS S3

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I'm having the same issue as rtiindia did in the thread setting up CDN with amazon s3

I have simply entered my standard region bucket name as well as a static website endpoint in the form The former just shows @rtindia 's problem of hostname unable to resolve, while the latter complains of access permissions.

Is there an instruction manual? I have been wondering if in the file dbtech/vboptimise_pro/includes/cdn/amazon_s3/cdn.php

        public function get_url()
                return 'http://' . $this->cdn_settings['bucket'] . '';
is needing a region definition, although I saw that S3 buckets are essentially region-free. My url endpoint includes s3-website-us-east.

I did a "host" on my non-region specific with the result retrieved: is an alias for is an alias for has address

Also, I am using the root Access Key ID / Secret Key pair of the aws account, where the S3 bucket has Read, Write for both Object access and Permissions access. I don't see any permission complaints from vBOptimise when using simply the bucket name, as it tries to upload synced settings and later fails, where as I have seen permission errors come up when attempting to perform a best security practice by delegating the S3 bucket to an IAM user.
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I'm honestly not sure how to deal with this - do they not offer a specific URL you should use to upload to your bucket in their control panel?

If they do, have you tried replacing the return value of get_url with that value?


I was hoping for the resolution for the person who I mentioned so that learning how it worked for him might work for me. I don't understand why vBOptimise can authenticate and locate the bucket since the alternative attempt of using a www dns based endpoint showed me I was not the owner and that learning the presumably correct bucket name only brings me to my problem which is that during each attempt to push to the AWS, a repeated and per item error saying

Couldn't resolve host [mybucketname]
The screenshot rtiindia had in the thread setting up CDN with amazon s3 is the same thing that I'm stuck on.

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